I write about beer because it’s fun. It has introduced me to a wonderful community of people and has turned into a great hobby for me. There’s no money in beer blogs (at least not mine, anyway), but one of the perks is that I get a decent amount of free stuff. For the sake of full transparency, let’s go through this stuff, shall we?? 

Beer:  First and foremost, breweries send me free beer. Whenever there’s a UPS or FedEx package on my doorstop, my family knows that it probably has beer in it. It’s really nice to come home from work and see beer on your doorstep. It never gets old, and is likely good karma from past lives. Anyway, with these samples, breweries hope that I'll write about their beer. I don’t always, but I often do. Please know that when I write about free beer, I will clearly disclose in the post that I received a sample from the brewery. 

Books, Brewing Supplies, Other Random Stuff:  Again, whenever I write about these things, I’ll always let you know that I received something for free.  

Beer Festivals & Events: I also get free entry and tasting tokens to beer festivals, beer dinners, and other events. There are so many beer-related events in Portland. With a full-time job and a family, my time at these events is very limited.  So in general, I tend to prioritize and attend the events where I get in for free. 

Affiliate Links:  Sometimes I’ll recommend products in my posts and will provide links to a vendor site. If you make a purchase from the vendor, they’ll send me a small commission—at no additional cost to you. I only provide links to products I believe in. Consider it a way to indirectly buy me a beer!

Regardless of whether or not I received something for free, I always do my best to provide my honest and unbiased opinion.  Thanks for reading my blog!