Beer of the Month Club

It's challenging for friends and family to buy gifts for me. I don't need or want much. But there is one gift that never fails to pleasethe gift of beer!

I first received a gift subscription to Beer of the Month Club as a gift from my brother-in-law. I live in Portland, Oregon and have access to a huge selection of beer. However, there are many breweries that don't distribute in my area. My Beer of the Month Club subscription enabled me to taste beer that I couldn't get on my own. Also, there's nothing like getting a box of beer delivered to your doorstep! It never gets old!

I enjoyed my club membership and am happy to recommend them to my readers. In full disclosure, if you purchase a club subscription through the links on my website, the club pays a me a commission (similar to the cost of a good six-pack). This results in no additional cost to you, so consider a way to help keep me well hydrated!

The Beer of the Month Club is also offering special discounts for my readers. Use the codes shown below during the checkout process to receive the discount. These discounts are valid for all of their clubs.

  • NOTSOPRO5: $5 off any membership
  • NOTSOPRO10: $10 off any prepaid membership of 6 months or longer.
  • NOTSOPRO20: $20 off any prepaid membership of 12 months or longer.

For those who are discovering craft beer or exploring different styles, I suggest the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club or the International Beer Club.

For the hardcore Beer Geek in your life, I highly recommend The Rare Beer Club. This gives your beer geek access to exclusive and hard to find beers, all in 750 ml. bottles. Even better, through the Personalized Shipment Program, they get to choose only the beers that they want!

To get an idea of what to expect, click on the links below for pictures of the shipment and reviews of some of the beers I have received from the club.

  • Beer Reviews from The Mircrobrewed Beer of the Month Club

  •  Beer Reviews from The Rare Beer Club
    • Flanders Fred,  Hair of the Dog Brewing Co. (Portland, OR) and De Proef Brouwerij (Lochristi, Belgium)
    • Tart Attack,  NoDa Brewing Co. (Charlotte, NC)


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