Beer Festival Schedule

There are countless beer festivals in Portland and throughout the state of Oregon. It's nearly impossible to keep track of them all. I've decided to make an attempt at creating a rolling list of festivals. This is by no means comprehensive. My focus is on recurring events (held each year).

If you have an event you'd like me to list, send me the details at and I'll do my best to add it.  Cheers!

  • August 12-14:  Vancouver Brewfest, Vancouver, WA    website
  • August 13:  The Beer Stein Invitational Beer Fest, Eugene    website
  • August 18-20:  Bend Brewfest, Bend    website
  • August 20:  Alesong Inaugural Bottle Release & Brewery Opening, Eugene    website, article  
  • August 20:  21st Annual Lighthouse Brewfest @ McMenamins, Lincoln City    website
  • August 25-28:  Organic Beerfest, Portland   website2015 recap
  • August 27:  Beaverton Craft Beer Festival, Beaverton    website 
  • August 27:  Beer Wars IPA Fest @ 10 Barrel, Portland    website
  • August 27-28:  IIPA Fest @ Saraveza, Portland    website

  • September 4:  Oktoberfest @ Mt. Hood Meadows,   website
  • September 8-18:  Washington Cider, Seattle, WA    website 
  • September 9-10:  Bellingham Beer Week, Bellingham, WA    website 
  • September 9-10:  Cider Summit Seattle, Seattle WA    website
  • September 10:  Gold Beach Brew & Art Fest, Gold Beach    website 
  • September 10:  Septembeerfest, Corvalis    website 
  • September 15-18:  Mount Angel Oktoberfest, Mount Angel    website 
  • September 17:  19th Annual Mid Valley Brewfest @ McMenamins, Eugene    website 
  • September 16-17:  12th Annual Bend Oktoberfest, Bend   website
  • September 16-18:  Southern Oregon Brewfest, Central Point    website 
  • September 24:  Hood River Fresh Hops Fest, Hood River   website 
  • September 26:  Beer for Breakfast @ Great Notion Brewing, Portland   website 
  • September 30 - October 1:  Portland Fresh Hops Fest, Portland   website 
  • Sisters Fresh Hop Festival    website  

  • October 7-8:  Handmade Bike & Beer Festival, Portland   website2014 recap
  • October 8:  Umpqua Brewfest, Roseburg    website   
  • October 8:  Peche Fest @ Saraveza, Portland    website  
  • October 8:  Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Fest, Seattle    website  
  • October 8:  12th Annual Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest, Portland    website  
  • October 15:  Killer Pumpkin Festival @ Green Dragon, Portland    website  
  • October 15:  Willamette Week's 4th Annual Beer Pro / Am, Portland    website
  • Octoberfest @ Widmer Brothers Brewing, Portland
  • Brewpublic Killer Beer Fest @ Bailey's Taproom, Portland

  • November 5:  Boone's Ferry Autumn Ale Fest, @ McMenamins, Wilsonville    website 
  • November 5-6:  McKenzie Cider and Craft Beer Festival, Springfield    website  
  • BelgianFest @ Bailey's Taproom, Portland

  • Holiday Ale Festival, Portland    website
  • Central Oregon Winter Beer Festival, Bend    website

  • Collabofest @ Base Camp Brewing, Portland    website
  • Central Oregon Winter Beer Festival, Bend    website
  • NW Coffee Beer Invitational, Portland    website
  • Salem Winter Brewfest, Salem    website
  • Cellar Fest @ Bailey's Taproom, Portland

  • February 10-11: KLCC Microbrew Festival, Eugene   website
  • February 18:  Festival of the Dark Arts @ Fort George   website 
  • Firkin Fest @ Green Dragon, Portland


  • March 17-18:  Pouring at the Coast, Seaside    website
  • Hellshire Day & Barrel-Aged Beer Fest @ Oakshire, Eugene
  • Portland Spring Beer & Wine Fest, Portland    website

  • Hood River Hard Pressed Cider Fest, Hood River    website
  • Nano Beer    website
  • GermanFest @ Bailey's Taproom, Portland

  • Seattle Beer Week, Seattle, WA    website
  • Cheers to Belgian Beers, Portland    website, event overview
  • FredFest @ Hair of the Dog, Portland  website
  • Central Oregon Beer Week, Bend    website  
  • Kettle Sour Fest @ Stickmen Brewing, Lake Oswego —  website
  • Vancouver Craft Beer Week, Vancouver, BC   website
  • Eugene Beer Week, Eugene    website   




  1. SeptemBEERfest in Corvallis is this weekend. Lots of great breweries pouring, with focus on the local places. You should try to make it down one year. I'll be volunteering for set-up. Anything for free entry, pint glass, and t-shirt :)

  2. Mark, I really have to make a trip to Corvallis. I need to visit Block 15 and Flat Tail. One of these days...

    I'm with you on volunteering for Beer Festival! Love the free stuff! Have fun at the fest. Let me know how it went! Cheers!

  3. City of Enumclaw presents
    October 19th & 20th 2012.
    A celebration of beer, brewing, brats and Bavarian Charm…

    Hi there!
    We’d like to invite you to our 4th annual Oktoberfest, now Oktobeerfest!


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