33 Books Launches 33 Bottles of Beer: Fresh Hop Special Edition

Dave Selden first released 33 Bottles of Beer, a pocket tasting journal, nearly a decade ago. Since that time, he's produced about 40 different journals spanning a wide variety of beverage and food categories.  Check 'em all out here!

In anticipation of fresh hop season, Selden has just released 33 Bottles of Beer: Fresh Hop Special Edition. While this new release shares much in common with the original 33 Bottles of Beer, the flavor wheel has been modified to include flavor descriptors that are unique to hop-forward beer styles. In the picture below, you can see the differences.

The fresh hop beer season is short and will soon descend in full force. Prepare yourself with the newest tasting journal from 33 Books Co.! For more details, see the news release below.

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33 Books Co. Debuts New Hop-Focused Beer Journal
New Edition of Popular Pocket Journal Arrives Just in Time for Hop Harvest

PORTLAND, OREGON— 33 Books Co. today announced a brand new edition of its popular beer-tasting journal.

33 Bottles of Beer: Fresh Hop Special Edition is a new take on the popular series of "33 Beers" pocket beer-tasting notebooks. This edition is specially-designed for sampling hop-forward styles such as India Pale Ale (IPA), "Milkshake" IPA, New England IPA (NEIPA) aka "Hazy IPA," and seasonal "Fresh Hop" beers, examples of which are just coming into the market now as the Pacific Northwest begins its annual hop harvest. 

“I love all beer styles,” says Selden, creator of the distinctive green books, "But it should be obvious if you've ever met me – I have a hop vine tattoo covering  most of my right arm – I tend to gravitate towards hoppy beers."

As with Selden's flagship beer journal, 33 Beers: Fresh Hop Edition contains 33 pages of note-taking space, made simple with a page format designed to help tasters quickly capture relevant beer stats and flavors, including his signature flavor wheel. 

“The flavor wheel in this book is all about appreciating hop flavor and aroma,“ says Selden. “The adjective 'dank' isn't one you often use to describe stouts or pilsners, but if you've ever had a hoppy beer with lots of Columbus hops in it, you know how useful that note can be.” 

Other adjectives on the wheel in this edition include 'herbal/grassy,' 'citrus,' 'floral,' and even 'vegetal,' which sometimes occurs in fresh hop beers, just now coming into season in the Pacific Northwest, where the books are  designed, tested and printed. 

The hop-focused beer logs are available now for $5 each at 33Books.com and at finer bottleshops and bookstores around the world. Volume pricing for interested retailers can be obtained by e-mailing orders@33books.com.

About 33 Books Co. 
Dave Selden started 33 Books Co. as a side project to his side project. A weekend beer blogger, he developed his first pocket tasting notebook in 2009 to help with notes on the beers he was writing about. After just a few years, the books became his full-time job. Today, 33 Books Co. produces more than a dozen flavors of pocket tasting notebooks and other tasting tools in Portland, Oregon.

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