Afternoon at Cheers to Belgian Beers '18

Two Kilts Peach Cobbler
Cheers to Belgian Beers opened yesterday at The North Warehouse. I took the afternoon off and attended with some friends. Each year, event organizers showcase a different yeast strain. This year, Imperial Yeast Precious was the primary strain used for fermentation. As a twist, an optional secondary strain, Suburban Brett, was used by a handful of brewers to produce some exceptional offerings.

I only sampled about 11 beers, so I can't provide a comprehensive overview, but here's what I liked:

  • Suburban Kriek, Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: Tart cherry, mild funk, rounded out by light oak. Delicious! 
  • Bullseye, Yachats Brewing:  When used in primary fermentation, Brettanomyces can produce juicy tropical flavors. That's exactly what it did in this hazy IPA. A nice change of pace from the other beers!
  • Raison D'un Petit Verre, Stickmen Brewing:  My favorite taste of the day! Aged in Rex Hill pinot noir barrels, Suburban Brett was used to produce many layers of flavor including cherry and plum. This Belgian Dark Strong weighed in at 11.8% ABV, but you'd never know it. Don't miss this one! I wish I had a second pour.  

My not so favorites:
  • Lotion in the Basket, Solera Brewing: As a fan of kettle sours and Silence of of Lambs (the greatest movie ever made), choosing this beer was a no brainer. Sadly, it left a very unpleasant aftertaste. Hannibal would not have been pleased.

  • Starry Night Glitter, Second Profession Brewing:  So glitter beer is now a thing.  This had glitter, but you had to look hard to see it. When combined its garish color, this seemed to be in the glasses of many attendees. I didn't like it. My friend said it smelled like farts. With the power of suggestion, I couldn't entirely disagree. But in all fairness, several people I talked to enjoyed it. 

The festival runs through 8PM tonight (Saturday, June 2). It's going to be a beautiful day, so don't miss it!

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