2nd Annual Snakebite Showdown

We've got tons of beer fests in Portland, as well as many cider fests. But here's a festival that literally combines both! A snakebite is 50/50 blend of beer and cider.  Portland Cider's 2nd Annual Snakebite Showdown will feature 14 snakesbites, lovingly blended by 14 local breweries and 14 cideries.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 16th at the Widmer Brothers Beer Garden. For more details, check out the news release below and visit Mercury Tickets for ticket packages (including discounted pre-event pricing)

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Get Bit at the 2nd Annual Snakebite Showdown
Blended Beer and Cider Event to take place during Portland Beer Week

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Cider Co. has announced details for its second annual Snakebite Showdown, the region’s only festival to focus solely on Snakebites, a popular English refreshment that blends equal parts beer and cider. This year’s showdown will take place Saturday, June 16, from 1pm to 7pm at the Widmer Brothers Beer Garden at 955 N Russell St. The showdown is an official Portland Beer Week highlight event.

The Snakebite Showdown partners together 14 Northwest breweries with 14 regional ciderhouses to create smooth and fruity beverages that pack a punch. The participants will go head-to-head in an epic showdown to win the title for Best Snakebite. The event is designed to raise awareness of a Snakebite, which is ever-growing in popularity, while emphasizing the collaborative nature of the craft beverage industry in Portland.

“Snakebites originally hail from the United Kingdom, where a crisp lager and cider are blended in a 50/50 ratio in a pint glass,” explained Jeff Parrish, co-owner of Portland Cider Co. “The traditional drink has gained a following here in the Northwest where we pride ourselves on all things craft and new in the beverage world.”

All 14 snakebites at the festival will be a custom blend crafted by the cider makers and brewers from each company. Highly anticipated collaborations include Portland Cider Co. + Widmer Bros. Brewing, 2 Towns Ciderhouse + Flat Tail Brewing, Cider Riot! + Kells Brewery, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider + Modern Times Beer, Bauman’s Cider Co. + Culmination Brewing, HUB Cider + Hopworks Urban Brewery, New West Cider + Sasquatch Brewery, Reveille Ciderworks + Reach Break Brewing, Wandering Aengus Ciderworks + Santiam Brewing, Square Mile Cider + Ecliptic Brewing, Swift Cider + Wild Ride Brewing, 12 Bridge Ciderworks + Shattered Oak Brewing, Double Mountain Brewery + Double Mountain Brewery, and Finnriver Farm & Cidery + Ground Breaker Brewing.

Advance admission cost $20 ($25 at the gate), which includes a commemorative glass and six drink tickets; additional tasting tickets will be available for $2 each. All snakebite blends will be one ticket per four-ounce sample. Tickets are available now through Mercury Tickets.

The 21 and over event, which will have food available for purchase, is a benefit for the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, a coalition of Oregon brewers, brewing community partners, and conservationists who understand the value of clean water and protected forest watersheds. 

For more information, visit PortlandCider.com/events and follow @PortlandCider on social media.

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Home Hop Garden '18: May Update

I'm thrilled by the progress my hop garden has achieved in the last month!  I already have three plants that have grown a few feet past the length of the trellis (which goes up to my 2nd floor). This growth pace is well beyond where I was this time last year. Even my perennially underachieving Willamette is looking like a champ this season!

I believe a few factors are driving this growth. First, the plants are more mature. Second, I improved the soil in fall. Finally, I left the bines up for quite a while in the fall before I cut them down. This was intended to give the plants an opportunity to produce and send more energy down to the roots. I think it worked. Weather is surely a factor, but last May was actually sunnier (according to my solar array's output, anyway). I think I could all of these factors would make an informative Design of Experiments. I'll ponder this a bit more.

I recently learned about "bull shoots." These are the first sprouting bines. They're purplish in color, grow aggressively, are hollow, and are said to produce fewer sidearms and hops. Strangely enough, this is the first I've heard of them. They should be cut down as they sprout, in favor of the secondary shoots. I followed this advice for one of my plants. I'll see how that works out.

In an other interesting note, the bine thickness of the Zeus I planted in the ground (all of my other plants are in containers) dwarfs my other plants. In the shot below you can see the thin twine thats supporting the bines to the far right. Next, you can see the purple-ish Zeus bine, next to two other thinner bines. All three are first growth bull shoots.

Finally, it looks like two of my plants (last picture) have some sort of malady. If anyone knows what it is, or thoughts on how to resolve, I would appreciate some advice! Happy hop growing!

Variation in bine thickness

Leaf disease?

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Full Sail Releases Summa' Time Lime Lager

In preparation for summer, Full Sail Brewing just announced Summa' Time Lime Lager as its latest Pub Series release. Weighing in at a svelte 4.5% ABV and lightly hopped at 15 IBUs, it's designed to be a crushable companion for your summer adventures.

Summa' Time is available now through August in six-packs, on draft, and in the Full Sail Trophy Case mixed pack. Full Sail has recently ramped up the release of canned beers. As a light summer beer option, I think cans would have been a great package format for this beer. Maybe next year...

For more details, check out Full Sail's news release below.

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Make Every Day a Beach Day with Summa’ Time Lime
Full Sail’s new refreshing lager will be your go-to summer beer

Hood River, Oregon – Summertime along the Columbia River Gorge in Hood River has a no-shirt, no-shoes, no-problem kind of vibe, and Full Sail Brewing Co.’s latest Pub Series offering brings that on-the-beach attitude to you wherever your summer finds you.

“I’m super happy with how this beer turned out,” says Full Sail Brewmaster Greg Doss. “We designed Summa’ Time Lime around the idea of adding a slice of lime to my favorite summer lager and the result is a light, refreshing, crushable lager with a hint of lime for enjoying at the beach or on the river.”

Celeia and Northern Brewer hops, pilsner malt and flaked yellow corn, and a hint of lime work seamlessly together in this thirst-quenching, fresh and zesty, easy-drinking lager. Full Sail Summa’ Time Lime Lager is available May to August in 6-packs, on draft and in the Full Sail Trophy Case variety pack. 4.5% ABV, 15 IBUs. 

About Full Sail Brewing Company
Perched on a bluff in Hood River, Oregon, overlooking the mighty Columbia River’s epic wind and kite surfing and the snow-capped volcanic peak of Mt. Hood, Full Sail is a true craft-brewing pioneer. Since 1987, Full Sail has been pouring pure Mt. Hood water, local ingredients and responsible processes into each and every pint. Full Sail’s brews and sustainable practices have garnered more than 300 national and international awards, including more than 200 gold medals and Beverage World’s “Craft Brewer of the Year” distinction. From Full Sail Amber and IPA to Session Lager and bourbon barrel-aged beers, Full Sail consistently strives to brew complex, balanced and ridiculously tasty beers. Learn more at www.fullsailbrewing.com.