Lindemans Strawberry Lambic

Lindemans recently released a Strawberry Lambic. Before we go much further, what the heck is a lambic? In simple terms, it's a spontaneously fermented beer that comes from a specific region in Belgium. The ultra-vast majority of beers are fermented with a cultured dose or "pitch" of a specific yeast strain, purposely selected by the brewer. Lambics are fermented with whatever wild yeast or bacteria happens to land in the wort. Nature, variation, and time (via long fermentations) make lambics special.

While Lambic-inspired ales can be produced in America, lambics cannot. Jeff over at Beervana wrote several informative pieces about lambic over the years. You can educate yourself here and here.

I'm a big fan of American wild ales, so I was excited to taste Lindemans Strawberry Lambic (sample provided by Lindemans). Here are my tasting notes:

Packaged in a 12 oz. corked and capped bottle. The strong essence of strawberry punches through the air after the bottle is opened. It pours hazy garnet in color with a light pink head that dissipates slowly. In addition to strawberry, I noticed some hay and mild funk in aroma. Juicy strawberry dominates the taste. In the middle, a moderate level of tartness emerges. It finishes with strawberry and a light taste of umami. The strawberries provide a moderate level of sweetness that is not overdone or cloying.  

Strawberry is very delicate in beer, and usually doesn't come through very well in the finished product. When tasting strawberry beer, I'm usually left wanting for more. Not the case with this beer. Lindemans delivers strawberry in spades!

 For more details, check out the brewery's press release below.

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Lindemans Strawberry Lambic: When the most noble of fruits meets the most magical of beers

Vlezenbeek, Belgium, and Seattle WA, USA --  Family-owned Lindemans Brewery, Belgium’s largest independent lambic brewery, is proud to introduce its latest addition to their fruit beer line, Lindemans Strawberry Lambic. It is the brewery’s first new fruited lambic in over a decade.

Choosing strawberry, one of the most noble of fruits, was easy: the complex sweetness of the fruit matches perfectly with the sourness of lambic, resulting in a unique balanced marriage of sweet and sour. Furthermore, strawberries were once widely grown in the Senne Valley, the only region where lambic can be brewed.

“We have been thinking of a strawberry lambic for a long time,” says Geert Lindemans, Managing Director of Brewery Lindemans and sixth generation in his brewing family.

“It took us several attempts to get the absolute perfect balance in this new beer,” adds Dirk Lindemans, cousin of Geert and Co-Managing Director of the brewery.  “Our huge expertise in blending fruit lambics unfortunately doesn’t guarantee we get it right from the first attempt.  Finding the perfect balance took us countless batches and a lot of patience. But, we are very proud of the result of this process.”

Available now in 12 oz., & 25.4 oz. bottles, and 25L (6.6 gal) kegs, Lindemans Strawberry Lambic is an exciting new variety for the Lindemans brewery that was developed specifically for the ever-developing demands of the US market. First imported to the US in 1979 by Merchant du Vin, Lindemans beers are the top-selling lambics in America and have helped build the fruit beer category in the United States.


  1. Hi, Review said the lambic had a taste of Umami. What does Umami taste like?

    1. I'd describe it as savory, slightly salty. Cheers!


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