Home Hop Garden '17: July Update

This is just the second year I've grown hops in earnest. I'm always amazed at how quickly hop plants grow in the heat of summer! Below is a shot from The Not So Professional Hop Estate. Compare this with a picture from just one month ago (listed at the bottom of my June update). They've grown a lot!

The Not So Professional Hop Estate, July '17

Some of my key observations from the past month:

  • Hop burrs are forming! This is important because burrs turn into hop cones. I expect to see many cones in development next month.
Hop Burrs Forming

  • My 2nd year Centennial and 3rd year Willamette have no burrs and have been surpassed in height by four of my first year plants. Three of my first years have formed burrs. I believe the reason for the underperformance of my older plants is the lack of self-produced nutrition. I discussed this in last month's update. My theory is bolstered by the fact that my 2nd year Chinook (which benefitted from extra nutrition) is looking great, and has the most burrs. It's growing like crazy and has attached itself to its neighbor!
2nd Year Chinook (on the right)

1st Year Cascade

  • I've got some sort of leaf rot on a few of the plants. If you look closely in the picture below, you'll see a white fuzz.  It's limited to the lower regions of the plant, and does not appear to be harming the top leaves where the hops are growing. I just pull these leaves off.

I can't wait to see how things will look in a month.  Check back soon!

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