Scenes from 7th Annual Cider Summit PDX

The 7th Annual Cider Summit PDX was held last weekend. This was the third time I attended the
event (I missed it last year), and it was a largely unchanged from previous years. Here's a pictorial recap for your viewing pleasure...

This year's tasting glass was made out of a high quality plastic that looked very much like glass. While not as heavy as glass, it had a solid feel to it.

Here are a few of the ciders I sampled.  Similar to past years, the diversity was vast. 

All that cider makes one hungry! The good folks from Cypress Grove provided complimentary samples of four of their delicious cheeses. OK, I'll admit itI went through the sample line more than once.

This year, one cidery stood above the rest in my mind. Founded by brothers Victor and Monte Jones, Mission-Trail Cider Co. from Bradley, California, served a trio of rarely produced jerkums. What the heck is a jerkum? It's a non-apple based fruit wine made with stone fruit. Pears are used to make perry. Plums and nectarines make jerkum. Got it? Anyway, Mission-Trail's jerkums were each made with 100% plum, pluot, and nectarine juice. They each had a tart, bright, and juicy fruit flavors without the sweetness. They were absolutely delicious! Sadly, Mission-Trail doesn't distribute in Oregon. I hope this will change in the future.

Here's the detailed Mission-Trail taplist. I tasted all four of their offerings, and each was amazing. Just so you know, I rarely taste more than one cider from any producer. To say I liked Mission-Trail would be an understatement. I hope they return next year!

It was a beautiful afternoon at the Cider Summit PDX. The Fields Neighborhood Park is the perfect location for this event. It's easily accessible, wide open, never feels crowded, and has great views! 

Looking forward to next year. Cheers!

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