Home Hop Garden '17: May Update

This has been a long, wet month! For most of May, growth in my hop garden was slow. My first year hops (planted from both rhizomes and root cuttings) were anemic, and appeared to be well off last year's pace. My older plants didn't fare much better.  That all seemed to change during the last week of the month. It's amazing how a few hot sunny days can kick the plants into high growth gear! Now, I'm pretty much on track with where I was at this time last year.

The first picture is of my three older plants. From left to right is Centennial (2nd year), Willamette (3rd year), and Chinook (2nd year). For most of the month, the Willamette was the tallest. But during the last week of warm weather, the Chinook has surpassed it.  I expect both are about 18 feet tall. The Centennial seems to have stalled out. I'm not sure what's going on with it, but it hasn't added any height during the last two weeks.

2nd & 3rd Year Hops

The picture below shows some of my first year plants. I've got a Mt. Hood, Cascade, Sterling, and several Zeus plants. The tallest is about two feet. I don't expect these will amount to much this season. Hopefully, they will develop strong root systems this year and produce some hops next year.

Overall, I had solid progress from last month, but I'm looking forward to some better weather!

1st Year Hops

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