Home Hop Garden '17: April Update

My hop garden in progressing, albeit at a slower pace than last year. The tallest bines are about 30” highwell behind the 65" of growth they achieved by the end of the first week last April. While this spring has been exceptionally rainy, last spring was unusually warm and sunny. It's not a big deal, as I expect growth will catch up during the hot summer months. 

Last month, I decided to add to my hop garden by planting new Cascade and Columbus rhizomes. I did that. But last week, I came across some Mt. Hood, Sterling, and Zeus rhizomes, so I planted those as well. Can you ever have too many hop plants?? I don't think so... So that puts me at 8 varieties. I’m starting to run out of space!

None of the newly planted rhizomes have sprouted yet. Hopefully that will happen during the next week or two. I’ll provide another update in mid-May to let you know how things are coming along.

Cascade & Columbus rhizomes purchased from my local homebrew shop

Mt. Hood, Sterling, and Zeus rhizomes (left to right)

2nd year Chinook

My rapidly expanding hop empire

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  1. 8 varietals! Dang. I live in Dallas, and I'm growing Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, and Simcoe. The Columbus and Simcoe were just baby rhizomes last year; they didn't produce. Fingers crossed for this growing season! Dallas is a challenge because it gets hot quick. I'll harvest a lot sooner than people growing hops closer to the 38th parallel. Cheers!

    1. I've heard it's not common to get hops in the first year. I think I lucked out last year with my rhizomes, because we had perfect weather last spring and summer. Good luck!

      Simcoe? Nice! Where did you get that rhizome? I've been looking for Simcoe but have not been able to find it anywhere.


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