Gigantic Brewing's 5th Anniversary Greatest Hits Lineup

Look who's turning 5! Gigantic Brewing celebrates their half-decade anniversary on May 9th. Gigantic has always followed a very unorthodox strategy for their beer lineup. They brew one year-round offering (Gigantic IPA) and various seasonals throughout the year. These seasonals are one-offs creations that are brewed ONE TIME only, never to return. Ever. Never-ever. Well, except for now...

In honor of their 5th Anniversary, Gigantic is resurrecting 10 of their customers' all-time favorites in a 15-month long celebration. In addition, they will be holding Gigantic Beer Week from May 4 - May 11. Check out the Gigantic website and the press release below for more details.

In closing, remember that never doesn't always mean never. Most of the time, it just means eventually. The Eagles said twice they'd never tour again. They'll be back this summer...

Congrats to Gigantic Brewing on achieving this big milestone!

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Gigantic Brewing  Announces 5th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” Lineup

PORTLAND, Ore. (March 28)- We said we would never brew our seasonal beers more than once, but to celebrate our 5th anniversary we are bringing back some of the most loved brews in our catalogue of ever changing seasonal beers. We will be brewing an entire year of Gigantic “Greatest Hits” starting in April 2017 and running to June 2018 (It’s a gigantic 15 month year).

We are always being asked when we will brew “that” seasonal beer again. So at the end of last year we asked our taproom patrons, as well as those online and around the world to vote for their favorite Gigantic seasonal beer. We received hundreds of votes and after counting, and re-counting, we are happy to announce the beers selected by Gigantic drinkers.

We will start our “Greatest Hits” reissue collection where it all began, with Axes of Evil and The City Never Sleeps. Both beers were our top vote getters and we are proud to re-brew and drink these beers again. Gigantic 5th Anniversary reissue beers will be signified by a special “5 Years Greatest Hits” stamp.  The beers will also come paired with songs from local musicians.

About Axes Of Evil
Gigantic + Three Floyds unleash this weapon of mass distraction. Citrus, floral and tropical hoppyness lead to full malt flavour from proper English malt, kilned over Welsh coal. Brewed for those of us that live and die in the Timbers Army and Section 8.
ABV 6.0%  70 IBU

Axes of Evil release event at The Civic Taproom, April 2nd 3-530pm, Pre-Timbers match release event.

About The City Never Sleeps
From the deep dark recesses of our minds emerges this imperial black saison. A beer shrouded in mystery and depth of flavor. A night you will never forget.
ABV 7.6%  18 IBU

The complete list of Gigantic Greatest Hits:

April-June 2016
Axes of Evil
The City Never Sleeps

July-September 2016
Whole in the Head

October-December 2016
Catch 23
Most Premium

January-March 2017
High Fidelity
End of Reason

April-June 2017
High Fidelity
Kiss the Goat

We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary with Gigantic Beer Week - 8 days of events from May 4-11.  Our 5th anniversary is on May 9th, 2017. More information on Gigantic Beer Week to follow in the coming days.

About Gigantic Brewing
At Gigantic we only do two things: make the best damn IPA in Portland, Oregon and produce seasonal, exciting, flavorful beers, most of which will be brewed only once. Our goal is simultaneously to create new interpretations of classic styles and to ignore those same style guidelines completely and brew whatever our creative natures produce. We hold ourselves to a simple principle – Never Give an Inch.  We vow to start small and (stubbornly) stay small, focusing our efforts on making exceptional beer, rather than a lot of beer. When you drink Gigantic, know that we didn’t just put our names on the label – our effort, imagination, and dry wit are in every bottle.

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