Tasting a Trio of Pyramids

Pyramid Brewing sent me three of their recent releases. On Super Bowl Sunday, a friend and I tasted them in the order shown below. The brewery's marketing descriptions are listed in italics. My tasting comments are in bold:

  • Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale:  Chart an undiscovered path of malt, hops and fruit with Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale. We added a huge helping of Lemondrop™ hops and real lemon peel to give it a big, citrusy nose and flavor. Wheat and oats takes the malt body in a unique direction for a smooth, satisfying mouthfeel. Available January - March.  I noticed a bit of citrus in the nose, but not as much as I expected (and hoped for) given the beer's description. The taste was far more spicy / yeast-like than citrusy, and I found that to be distracting. I liked the creamy texture which resulted from the oats.

  • Brewer's Reserve Railroad Avenue:  This Imperial Porter uses deep roasted malts and roasted barley with dashes of vanilla, cinnamon and dark brown sugar. Railroad Avenue is a big, malty brew that conducts the palate to a nicely spiced, mildly sweet finish. Available Mid January - April.  Pyramid nailed the description for this limited release! I enjoyed the cinnamon—its presence was noticeable and added a nice twist, but wasn't overwhelming. It weighs in at 8.2% ABV, but had little alcohol heat. 

  • Barrel-Aged Snow Cap:  Full of deep bourbon flavors of vanilla and oak, this 30th anniversary edition of Snow Cap is big, bold and worthy of celebration. Complex notes of dark fruits, nuts and spice are present and will make sure you get snowed in with us for yet another year.  Available November '16 - February '17.  This special release is 2015 Snow Cap aged for 10 months in bourbon barrels. This beer also matched its description, as the vanilla and bourbon were prominent in flavor, with the addition of stone fruit and warming alcohol in the finish. The oak added another level of complexity. A great end to the flight! 

Overall, I was very impressed with Railroad Avenue and Barrel-Aged Snow Cap. Both are limited releases, so if you stumble across either, consider giving them a try!


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