Obligatory Snowmageddon Beer Pics

Snowmageddon has finally hit Portland, dumping more than a foot of fluffy white stuff on the Portland metro area! While the Governor has declared a state of emergency, Portlanders seem to be taking it in stride.  Many playing outside, taking pictures of their kids and pets frolicking in the snow. Others clinging to their alcoholic beverage of choice in vain efforts to maintain sanity while occupying their kids on this 6th snow day of the year. As a beer blogger, I also took a few snow pictures. My subject was beer, of course.

So for your viewing (and my tasting) pleasure, I present High Voltage Winter IPA from Gigantic Brewing. The beer was quite fitting for this day. It's winter, obviously. But less than two blocks from my house, a high voltage overhead power line was downed by a snow weighted tree limb. So this beer selection was made by fateand the seasonally appropriate sample. Thanks Gigantic!

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