Base Camp's 3rd Annual Collabofest, January 28th

If you follow the Portland beer scene, you know that collaboration among brewers is an integral part of Portland beer culture. It's one of the many reasons why Portland beer is special. Base Camp's 3rd Annual Collabofest is a unique (and tasty) example of this culture.

Each of the sixteen participating breweries was paired up with a different brewery. Each pair works together to create two different beers that share a certain idea or theme. Each of the beers are brewed specifically for the festival, and Collabofest is the only place where you can taste all of them in same place!

Check out the press release below for more details about the event. Base Camp's website also has nice descriptions about each of the beers. Cheers to brewery collaborations!

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PORTLAND – Base Camp Brewing Company is bringing together 16 local breweries for their third annual Collabofest. A celebration of the collaborative spirit of Portland’s craft brewing community, Base Camp’s Collabofest give attendees the opportunity to experience a unique offering from each participating brewery that was developed exclusively for the festival.

Base Camp’s Collabofest is the only beer festival in the world that presents an all-collaborative
brew lineup. Thanks to the involvement of key sponsors Travel Portland, ADX, and the Portland
Mercury, Base Camp Brewing Company was able to keep the momentum moving forward in its
third year.

“Yeah, the brews that have been made specifically for Collabofest the past two years were filled
with creativity,” says Base Camp’s Event Manager, Morgan Tashea, “the excitement that the
brewers have for the festival really shows through when they work together to create a new brew
that truly embodies Portland’s creative and innovative spirit.”

"We're thrilled to see so many Portland breweries collaborating and giving visitors an easy way
to experience the breadth of Portland's beer scene this winter,” says Greg Newland, executive
vice president of marketing and P.R. for Travel Portland. “We love that these limited edition
beers are also available at participating breweries during February for those who aren't able to
make the festival.”

Each participating brewery was paired up via a lottery-style drawing in November 2016, and
have developed their “collabobrews” to be debuted at the festival. Pairs and brew names are:
  • Base Camp Brewing Co. & Baerlic Brewing:  Honey Chestnut Pilsner / Sir Douglas MacStouterson
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing & Culmination Brewing:  Bashō IPA / Zen Wave IPA
  • Ecliptic Brewing & Mt.Tabor Brewing:  Space Mountain Sour IPA / Space Mountain IPA
  • Alameda Brewing & Stormbreaker Brewing:  Coffee and Donutella / The Passion of the Homer
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery & Ruse Brewing:  Astral Wavelength / Astral Frequency
  • Gigantic Brewing Co. & Uptown Market Brewery: Nevørmind Oyster Stout /  The Taming of the Shroom
  • Occidental Brewing & Fat Heads Brewery: Ding, Ding! I’d Like to Dry Hop a Toast / Smuggling Dunkel
  • Ex Novo Brewing Co. & Laurelwood Brewing Co.: In With The New / Out with the Old
With Collabofest, Base Camp further develops its close ties to the Pacific Northwest’s outdoors
and stewardship of Oregon’s wild spaces. Their partnership with the Oregon Timber Trail and
SheJumps will be in full effect at the festival, where each group will be in attendance and sharing
the latest in their ongoing efforts throughout the state. Base Camp and Travel Portland are proud
to provide financial support for the good work of both Oregon Timber Trail and SheJumps, the
official nonprofit beneficiaries of Base Camp’s Collabofest.

Join in on Collabofest on Saturday, January 28th at Base Camp’s brewhouse and taproom in
southeast Portland (930 SE Oak Street). To learn more about the festival, the participating
breweries, and the event’s collaborations, check out Base Camp’s website and Facebook page, or
#collabofest and #PDXNOW on social media. Tickets are available now at

Additional support for Base Camp’s Collabofest and Portland craft brewing proudly provided by
sponsors Imperial Yeast, New Season’s Market, GDI Distributors, Miir, and SKOUT

# # #

The Base Camp Brewing Company family has been brewing innovative lagers and ales for the
adventurous palate since 2012. To experience the latest from the frontier of craft beer, visit Base
Camp at their brewhouse and taproom located in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s brewery district, or look for their beers on tap, in the beer cooler, and on the trail.

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