Otis Classic Swing Top Grolsch Bottle Unboxing

I recently started "brewing" komboucha (again). Compared to beer, it's a ridiculously easy process. Minimal gear is neededjust a big glass jar and a piece of cloth to cover it. You also need bottles. Being a homebrewer, I have plenty of those.

Many komboucha makers use Grolsch bottles with resealable flip-type or swing top caps. The benefit of resealable closures is that they allow easy regulation of carbonation because you can open the cap, "burp" the gas, and re-seal.

Otis Classic, a manufacturer of swing-top Grolsch bottles reached out to me and offered the opportunity to evaluate their product (at no cost). I accepted and they sent me some bottles to try out. I'm sharing my initial impressions via this "unboxing" post, and then I'll provide more feedback after I have a chance to put the bottles to significant use. So let's take a look, shall we?

Otis Classic sells through Amazon (who fulfilled my shipment) and other vendors. You've seen many boxes that look like this. 

Three smaller boxes were contained within the outer shipping box, packaged snugly with protective material.

Each of the three boxes contained six 16 oz. bottles. 

Each bottle was wrapped in a bubble wrap pouch and held tightly in place by a cardboard divider.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the red rubber gaskets are different from standard gaskets (with holes) used in the vast majority of Grolsch bottles. This full-style gasket is better suited to higher carbonation levels. Standard gaskets can leak with high carbonation. Each bottle has a full-style gasket attached, plus 6 extra spare gaskets are provided in each box.

Here are the bottles in all their glory! According to the manufacturer, their long necks make cleaning easier (compared to short-fat bottles). The closures are made of 204 Stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Most of the competition uses tin, which corrodes after a few washes. Finally, the amber glass will protect your precious liquid cargo from harmful UV light.

My first impression is very positive. The product was packaged superbly. The bottles have a nice weight and solid feel to them. The caps clamp down very tightly. I'll be putting these to good use in the near future to bottle my beer, komboucha, and cider. I'll follow-up in a few months with a more thorough report. But so far, so good!

For more information, check out Amazon or the Otis Classic website.

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