Lindemans Lambic Gift Set at Costco

The holidays are quickly approaching and Costco is stepping up their boxed beer gift set game. Earlier this month, I wrote about their 2016 Brewers Advent Calendar.That was priced at $60 and is now sold out at my local Costco.

The other day, I noticed a new and more affordable itema Lindemans Lambic Gift Set. Priced at a more affordable $17.99, the set includes 2 x 750 ml bottles (1 each of Peche and Framboise) and two Belgian Lambic glasses. For the non-beer geeks out there, lambics are sour Belgian beers that are spontaneously (wild) fermented and typically made with fruit. These feature peach and raspberry. If you want to lean more about lambics and their rich history, click here.

Anyway, it seems like a good deal. So if you or the beer geek in your life likes sour beer, or is adventurous, check it out.

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