10 Barrel's Jamaican Me Pumpkin

This is the time of year when the onslaught of pumpkin beers begins. In the early years of writing this blog, I profiled a whole bunch of gourd beers (here and here). But in recent years, they'e started to bore me. In my opinion, these beers are really all about the spice—pumpkin itself lacks much flavor. However, this new release from 10 Barrel piqued my interest. Here's a snippet from the brewery:

10 Barrel’s brewers have been experimenting with the theory you could age almost anything in a Jamaican Rum Barrel and it would taste great. After barrel-aging this Imperial Pumpkin Ale for a full year, it turned out so good that we decided to continue the aging an additional year in the bottle. With over 24 months in the cellar, this beer is maturely aged to perfection – wish we could say the same about our brewers!
Jamaican Me Pumpkin comes in at 10% ABV and is available starting this week in limited release wax-dipped 22oz bottles, only at our pubs in Bend, Boise and Portland.

Two years in a rum barrel? That sounds tasty, I may have to check this one out!  

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