July - September Northwest Beer Festival Calendar

June may be the biggest beer festival month in the Northwest, but there are still plenty of great festivals in store as summer heats up. The granddaddy of them all, the Oregon Brewers Festival, is planned for the last week of July!

This is by no means a comprehensive list. If I'm missing anything (I'm focusing on annual, not one-time-only events), please send me the event details at info@notsoprofessionalbeer.com and I'll be happy to add it.  That said, here's a look at the upcoming festivals during the months of July - September. Check out my Beer Festival Schedule page for updates.

  • July 1-3:  Portland Craft Beer Festival, Portland    website
  • July 9:  Kriekfest, Parkdale    websiteevent overview
  • July 16:  15th Annual Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewfest, Hillsboro    website2014 recap
  • July 19-25:  Puckerfest @ Belmont Station, Portland   website2011 recap
  • July 23:  Rural Brewer @ Hawthorne Hophouse, Portland  — website
  • July 27-31:  Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland    website2015 recap

  • August 12-14:  Vancouver Brewfest, Vancouver, WA    website
  • August 18-20:  Bend Brewfest, Bend    website
  • August 25-28:  Organic Beerfest, Portland   website2015 recap
  • August 27:  Beaverton Craft Beer Festival, Beaverton    website 

  • September 10:  Gold Beach Brew & Art Fest, Gold Beach    website 
  • September 15-18:  Mount Angel Oktoberfest, Mount Angel    website 
  • September 16-18:  Southern Oregon Brewfest, Central Point    website 
  • September 24:  Hood River Fresh Hops Fest, Hood River   website 
  • September 30 - October 1:  Portland Fresh Hops Fest, Portland   website 
  • Hopworks Handmade Bike & Beer Festival   website2014 recap
  • Sisters Fresh Hop Festival    website  

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  1. I always look forward to going out. A good tip would be to look out for those places with interesting concepts. This place is pretty amazing. I came up here with a friend. The venues Chicago were spacious and food was great.


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