Home Hop Garden: June Update

What a difference a month makes! There's been quite of bit of progress since my May hop garden update. But first, I was a bit disappointed to see no vertical growth in my 2nd year Willamette plant. It really hasn't done much since last month. Some of the leaves have started to turn brown, even though I have been watering it regularly. 

In a more exciting development, my first year Centennial and Chinook have nearly surpassed the Willamette in height. All are roughly 18'-20' tall. I didn't expect my first year plants to grow taller than 10' during the first year.

Since the Summer solstice has passed, each day's sunlight will gradually decrease. The shortening days signal the plant to stop its vertical growth, and begin development of the sidearms, from which the hop cones will develop. Each of my plants has started to form the sidearms. But surprisingly, the sidearms in my 1st year plants are further developed than my 2nd year plant. With continued good weather, and a bit of luck, I'll expect to see the formation of hop cones in the near future.

In related news, this year's hop harvest is shaping up to be a good one! That's great news for hoppy beer lovers!

Click here for August Home Hop Garden update.

My 1st & 2nd year hop bines

1st year Chinook sidearm

2nd year Willamette sidearms

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