Home Hop Garden: May Update

My hops plants have thrived in the unseasonably warm weather that has continued since my April update. Since then, the first-year rhizomes have both sprouted! After I first planted them, nothing happened for almost three weeks. But after they finally broke through the soil's surface, they really took off!

The Centennial has two bines, the tallest is 28" high. The Chinook also has two bines, with the tallest being 27" high. I transplanted each of these into larger containers to give the roots more room to grow. I helped each of them to find the twine, and now they're dutifully wrapping themselves around it as they climb.

My second-year Willamette has grown to just over 12' high. Through the end of last fall, it had only reached about ~7'. I think I need to fertilize it soon. I hope this plant will produce some cones this year. So far, so good!

Click for June update.

2nd-year Willamette, 12' tall

1st-year Centennial, 28" tall

1st year Chinook, 27" tall

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  1. Lucky, its been so damn cold where I'm at that they have only started sprouting.

  2. Remember, the bine wants to grow down as well as up. It is the downward growing bine that produces the most cones. A horizontal cable at the top of the trellise is important.

  3. I'm in no doubt coming back again to read these articles and blogs.



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