Widmer Hefeweizen, Now in Cans

In the mid-90's I lived in Illinois, a craft beer wasteland. If you wanted a beer in the Land of Lincoln, your choices were macro. Miller Lite and Bud Lite where essentially your options. I chose to avoid beer entirely.

Around this time, I visited Portland for the first time on a business trip. While at dinner, one of my co-workers suggested I taste a local beer. I recalled hearing something about Portland having decent beer, so I figured I'd give it a try. I asked the server to surprise me, and she brought back a tall curvy glass filled with what appeared to be orange juice. After attempting to send back the orange juice, she told me it was a beer called Hefeweizen.

With a few sips, the seeds of my beer journey were planted, and I have the Widmer Brothers to thank for it. Widmer Hefeweizen has always held a special place in my heart because it was my first good beer. It was unlike anything I ever tasted.

Fast forward 23ish years, and Widmer's Hefeweizen is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Widmer is releasing is launching cans of Hefe in the Portland marketjust in time for summer. The brewery sent me a pair of freshly canned Hefes along with a nice can cooler. I'm glad to see that Hefe is Widmer Brothers' first foray into cans. While there are plenty of IPAs available in cans, I can't think of any canned Hefeweizens.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Hefe!

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  1. Occidental cans their hefeweizen. But boy this Widmer is truly satisfying especially in a can.

  2. That's right. I have not tasted it, but I heard Occidental's Hefeweizen is quite good. Thanks for the reminder. I also noticed and picked up Sunriver Brewing's Fuzztail Hefeweizen (in a can) at my bottle shop yesterday.


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