Warm Spring = Quick Start for Hops

I planted hops (Willamette variety) last July. That's quite late in the growing season, and it didn't produce any hops, as expected. It did grow to nearly 7 ft. in height. In the plant's first year or two, much of the energy is focused on building a strong root system. This is true with my plant, as its roots found and grew out of the pot's small drainage holes. I transplanted it to a bigger container to give the roots some extra room to grow.

The warm temperatures during the past two weeks have really kicked its growth into high gear! Just yesterday, it had reached 5.5 ft. These things grow like weeds! I've noticed that it will add about 3-6 inches in height per day. In the heat of the summer, they can grow up to a foot per day.

I figured one variety isn't enough, so I planted two new rhizomes (Centennial and Chinook) last week. We'll see how they progress! Hopefully, I'll end up with enough hops to make a small batch of beerprobably a Pale ale.

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