Two Stouts and a Triple IPA from Ecliptic Brewing Co.

Ecliptic Brewing Co. continues its steady release of seasonal beers. This month looks especially tasty with the unveiling of three limited-release beers (descriptions provided by Ecliptic).

Oort Imperial Stout:  Oort is named after the mysterious region of our solar system that breeds comets. Massive amounts of roasted barley and chocolate malts combined with three types of caramel malts for a rich, full, mouth feel. Chinook, Cascade and Sterling hops lends a balanced bitterness and subtle hop flavor to this brew that’s as black as the vacuum of space.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Oort Imperial Stout:  Barrel-aged version slumbered for fifteen months in 12-year-old bourbon barrels, imparting flavors of bitter chocolate, vanilla, and oak. It drinks especially chocolatey, with some heat from the barrel.

Hypernova Triple IPA:  Like its cataclysmic namesake, Hypernova Triple India Pale Ale explodes with flavor. Boasting a full malt backbone, Hypernova is layered with tons of hop bitterness and character. Two separate dry hop additions with loads of Simcoe, Amarillo, Motueka, Azacca, Calypso, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus hops amplify Hypernova’s aroma to stellar proportions.

The two versions of Oort and Hypernova are making their way onto their shelves now.

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