Here's Cookie and the 2015 Holiday Ale Fest Program

The 2015 Holiday Ale Festival opens in just 9 days. This yuletide beer showcase is chock full of one-of-a-kind (and usually high ABV) beers. I always like to review the detailed beer descriptions in advance and build my sampling list before I walk into the the tent.  To assist you in this most worthy endeavor, here's a PDF file of 2015 Holiday Ale Fest program. Download it, read it, and dream your way into holiday ale bliss.

Finally, I'm just going to leave this here... Her name is Cookie, and she's the 2015 vintage pin-up girl for Holiday Ale Fest. As luck would have it, she's pairing a cookie (of the gingerbread variety) and Belgian Imperial Stout made with organic Kopi Luwak coffee beans.

I'm sure you, like Cookie, will have a great time and sweet dreams at HAF! Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I must say that the vintage pin-up is probably my least favorite thing about the Holiday Ale Fest. I really wish they'd drop it.

  2. This year they almost seem to be mocking themselves with "Cookie". Very silly.


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