33 Bottles of Beer: Lunar Eclipse Special Edition

On Thursday, September 27, we'll be treated to a full lunar eclipse. It's a special event that calls for a special beverage. Dave Seldon wants you to have a beera very dark beer. One that's black as night.

Dave Seldon is the founder of Portland-based 33 Books Co. Dave launched his company with 33 Bottles of Beer, a pocket-sized beer tasting journal. It was a successful idea that exploded in popularity. In addition to beer, 33 Books has published tasting journals for a wide variety of artisan food and beverage categories including wine, cigars, chocolate, scotch, cheese, coffee, champagne, oysters, hot sauce, and wait for it—doughnuts! I hope and pray that 33 Slices of Bacon will soon come to fruition!

Anyway, in honor of the upcoming lunar eclipse, Dave is releasing 33 Bottles of Beer: Lunar Eclipse Special Edition (only 500 sets were printed). I'll let Dave explain...

Black as Night. Black as Stout.

A total lunar eclipse visible from the Western Hemisphere will take place on September 27, 2015, the last we'll see in many moons. In honor, I recommend drinking something dark. 

I've been aging these limited-edition books in a beer barrel that was originally used to age American whiskey. The books have a pronounced aroma that I think you'll find goes particularly well with big stouts and the movement of celestial bodies.

Yes, the books do actually have a light aroma of whiskey. Dave's suggestion sounds like a great one! I think the total eclipse will be the perfect opportunity to unearth an imperial stout from my crawlspace. I think a bottle of The Abyss '11 from Deschutes will be an excellent choice to break in my Lunar Eclipse Special Edition.

To learn more about 33 Books Co. and to see the full line of tasting journals, maps, and other goodies, please visit the 33 Books website.

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