Afternoon at the 11th Annual NAOBF

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I took our two boys to Overlook Park to attend the 11th Annual North American Organic Beer Festival. It has become an annual tradition for usand for many families. This year, I noticed what seemed to be an even larger number of families with young children. It's easy to understand why.

Overlook Park has huge, wide open spaces for kids to play. The vibe is anther reason. This is the most relaxed beer fest I've ever attended. Everyone just chills. Oh yeah, free Crater Lake Root Beer and Orange Cream Soda (new this year) are sure to lull your kiddos into a sugur-induced euphoria! This year, festival organizers placed plenty crayons, playing cards, and games in the table tent. It was great to see people enjoying those, rather than glaring at their phones.

Also new this year is the Merchant du Vin Organic Bottle Garden, where a variety of bottled Samuel Smith's and Pinkus organic beers are being served.

I tasted 15 different beers, ciders, and a braggot during my visit. I'd like to give a special shout-out to McMenamins for two of their barrel aged beers. Oaken Tower Barrel-Aged Ginger Beer from Crystal Brewery and Double Barrel-Aged Pavol the Collector (Baltic Porter) from Edgefield Brewery are exceptional! They're each just a single token, so don't miss them! You can view or download the full event program and beer list here.

The rain is now gone, and the forecast is perfect for the rest of today and tomorrow. Don't miss it! Visit the festival website for more details.

What were your favorites from NAOBF '15?

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