28th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival: Fun Facts

The 28th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival opens its doors (and taps) in just 4 days! OBF draws brewers and beer lovers from far and wide. Here are a few fun facts about Oregon's biggest beer festival:

  • 28th year of the festival.
  • 90 handcrafted beers are poured in the main festival; 15 are poured in the International Beer Garden.
  • There are 102 participating breweries: 89 in the main tent (Deschutes has two entries, one Gluten-Free); and five New Zealand (with six beers) and eight Dutch (with nine beers) in the International Beer Garden.
  • Four countries are represented: Canada (1), Netherlands (8), New Zealand and United States.
  • 16 states are represented: California (11), Colorado (3), Delaware (1), Florida (1), Hawaii (2), Idaho (1), Minnesota (1), Montana (1), New Jersey (1), New York (1), Oregon (54), Pennsylvania (1), Utah (2), Washington (7), Wisconsin (1) and Wyoming (1).
  • In the main festival, Maui Brewing Co traveled the furthest at 2,566 miles. Three more were within spitting distance of each other: Dunedin from Dunedin, FL at 2,458 miles (although the brewers road trip their kegs, which is pretty cool!); Dogfish Head in Milton, DE at 2,449 miles, and Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn, NY at 2,442 miles away.
  • There are 18 breweries making their first appearance at the festival this year, including Ambacht, Bent Paddle, Buoy, Claim 52, Fremont, Garage Project, Kaapse, Melvin, Panhead, ParrotDog, PINTS, StormBreaker, Sunriver, The Lost Abbey, Tuatara, Uptown Market, Worthy & Yeastie Boys.
  • There are 47 official beer styles represented.
  • The lowest alcohol beer is Claim 52 Brewing’s Runnermass at 3% ABV.
  • The highest alcohol beer is Rogue Ale’s Imperial Smoked Lager at 9.5% ABV.
  • Number of volunteers at the festival: 2,000.
  • Number of anticipated attendees: 85,000 from all over the world.
  • Number of breweries that have participated in the Oregon Brewers Festival since inception: At least 388 (we do not have records from 1989 or 1990, so this is based on all other years).
  • The following breweries have never missed a festival: Bayern, BridgePort, Deschutes, Full Sail & Widmer.

OBF will be held from July 22 - 26. Don't miss it!

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