Opening Day at Oregon Garden Brewfest '15

Last night, my wife and I attended the Brewer's Tasting Dinner at the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton. This morning, we attended opening day at the Oregon Garden Brewfest. While there are plenty of great beer festivals in Portland, the beautiful venue makes OGB unique. The Oregon Garden contains 20 specialty gardens spread out over 80 acres.

In previous years, the Brewfest was held in April. Each season brings a completely different look to the garden as different flowers and foliage emerge. This was our first visit in June, so it was like we were seeing it for the first time. Entry to the Brewfest gives you full access to gardens, including a free 25 minute narrated tram tour.

OK, now time for some beer... We attended from noon to 3pm, so crowds were light and beer lines were non-existent. The taplist contains 136 beers, ciders, and meads from 68 producers. If you're a hophead, you'll be thrilled as more than a quarter of the taplist was devoted to IPAs and its numerous variants.

In recent years, it seems that beer festivals have reduced the standard 1 ticket/token pour from 4 oz to 3 oz. I can accept this as a unpleasant fact of life. Inflation happens. But I was a bit surprised to learn that the standard 1 ticket pour at OGB has been reduced to 2 oz. this year. While 3 oz. for a taster works is workable, 2 oz. really isn't enough to get a good sense of what you're drinking, in my humble opinion. I hope other beer festivals don't jump on this bandwagon anytime soon. Though I expect it's inevitable.

The Oregon Garden Brewfest runs through Sunday, June 22 (which happens to be Father's Day).  The weather forecast is glorious. So take your Dad out for a few beers and enjoy the great scenery!

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The 2 oz. pour

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