Cider Summit Portland '15 Recap

Cider Summit Portland held its 5th Anniversary cider sampling extravaganza at Fields Neighborhood Park on June 19-20. Over 3,000 people joined the festivities this year. My wife and I spent Saturday afternoon at the event. This was our 2nd time attending. We're not fans of the overly sweet industrial cider, and we enjoy Cider Summit because it's a showcase for what cider should be. It also demonstrates the wide diversity of cider.

During the course of the afternoon, some of the more memorable ciders we samples included a Spanish Sidra that tastes like blue cheese (strange, but it works), a whiskey cask aged Scottish Cider, a French pear cider, and a cider made with peach puree and saison yeast.

New this year, was the Fruit Cider Challenge sponsored by Oregon Fruit Products. The Salem-based company is a supplier of fruit that is widely used in the brewing industry. OFP made its fruit available to cider makers to produce limited-run pilot batches of fruit cider. Attendees sampled and voted for their favorites. The winners were:

1st place:  Black Lightning, Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead, Portland, OR
2nd place:  Strawperry, Portland Cider Company, Oregon City, OR
3rd place:  Strawberry Fields, Bull Run Cider, Forest Grove, OR

While Portland has plenty of excellent beer festivals, it's exciting to see cider getting some traction via cider-focused festivals. Whether you're a seasoned cider drinker, or just learning, make sure you pay a visit to Cider Summit next June. Another great event to consider is Cider Rite of Spring.

Did you attend Cider Summit? What were some of your favorite tastes?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I live in Seattle so didn't attend (thankfully we get our own Summit in September), but have tried some of those ciders. Thistly Cross Whisky Cask is one of my favorites! Its a sweeter extremely smooth barrel aged cider.


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