Free Beer Style Guide from The Brewers Association

Whether you're new to beer or a seasoned pro, here's an excellent new resource that you should check out!  The Brewers Association has developed a comprehensive online style guide. Here are some of the details, provided by the BA.

"Each beer style is showcased in a variety of ways. A photo-rich quick hit overview offers a visual representation of all the styles. Turning the Beer Style Finder ‘on’ lets users sort styles by color, bitterness, alcohol and flavor. The interactive beer glass images launch a dedicated page for each style, offering and overview of color, appearance, aroma and sensations, along with recommended food pairings, proper glassware, suggested serving temperature and commercial brand examples. The guide is accompanied by an introduction video and the most concise and systematic tasting sheet ever published.

For those who want to dive even deeper, an extensive text guide uses an alphabetical list of triggers—from alcohol to yeast variety—to help describe possible characteristics of a specific beer style."

I checked it out, and think it's a great tool to explore and learn about various styles. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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