Beer Geek's Holiday Gift Guide

If you have a beer geek in your life, consider yourself lucky! They're easy to shop for. Just think beer and you can't go wrong!

Drinking beer:  Head over to your local bottle shop, and ask the friendly beer dude or dudette to recommend some special or limited release beers. Barrel aged or sour beers (assuming they like sours) are great choices.

If you need to ship the beer, consider a gift from The Rare Beer Club or the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. Both offer single or multiple beer options. As a beer blogger, I get a decent amount of beer shipped to my doorstep. I can attest that it never gets old. I always feel like a kid at Christmas every time I open up a box 'o beer! All of their clubs offer discounts to readers of my blog. Enter one of these codes at checkout:

  • NOTSOPRO5 - $5 off any membership (valid anytime)
  • BF10 - $10 off any order of 3 months or more (valid 11/27/14 - 12/1/14)
  • NOTSOPRO10 - $10 off any prepaid order of 6 months or more (valid anytime)
  • NOTSOPRO15 - $15 off any prepaid order of 6 months or more (valid 12/3/14 - 12/31/14)
  • NOTSOPRO20 - $20 off any prepaid 12 month order (valid anytime)
  • NOTSOPRO25 - $25 off any prepaid 12 month order (valid 12/3/14 - 12/31/14)

Reading about beer:  While not drinking, beer geeks like to read about beer. These books are rich in beer history and provide great tips on places to visit. I'm honored to personally know all of these nice folks: 

Making Beer:  Some of us like to make our own beer!

Wearing beer clothes:  Beer geeks like beer emblazoned on their clothes, regardless of whether or not they're drinking beer. While donning these stunning items, your geek will be the envy of fellow beer geeks. 

Unique gifts related to beer:  Just because...

Traveling to Belgium to Drink Beer:  The gift of a lifetime! Send your beer geek (or yourself) on a 7-day Belgium beer oddyssey. $3300 is a lot of cash, but imagine the sheer joy on and in your recipient's mug as they visit the breweries that produce Cantillion, Orval, Chimay, Westvletern, Rodenbach, and more! There is surely a place in beer heaven for the sender of this gift!

In full disclosure, I have affiliate relationships with most (but not all) of these vendors. If you buy something, consider it your way of buying me a virtual beer without actually paying anything extra. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi there,really amazing gift guide.I would like to add some words.On the off chance that you are situated on giving beer,a gift certificate to a decent beer store or grocery store with wide beer choice is a superior gift thought than arbitrarily trying to pick strange beers.In the course of recent years,various satellite tasting rooms have opened giving more chance to purchase gift certificates, and they additionally offer garments and other beer-related things.Have a good day.
    ~Jessica Glenn.


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