The Dapper Skeleton: Burnside's Pumpkin Beer with a Kick

I can't 
believe it's already October! That means I can finally allow myself to taste, touch, or even look at pumpkin beers. It's a good thing because Burnside Brewing Co. just announced the release of The Dapper Skeleton. This limited release beer features three pepper varieties, cocoa nibs, cherrywood smoked malt, a secret spice blend, and of courseeveryone's favorite autumnal gourd.

I don't recall ever tasting a pumpkin beer made with peppers. Burnside's Sweet Heat is one of my favorite pepper-infused ales, so I have high hopes for The Dapper Skeleton. I'll be including it my upcoming annual Pumpkin Beer Roundup. Thanks to the the brewery for the sample. For more details, check out Burnside's beer release info below. Are you ready for pumpkin beers?

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The Dapper Skeleton 

Portland, OR - Burnside Brewing Co. has just introduced a new fall seasonal in bottles - The Dapper Skeleton - a traditionally un-traditional take on the popular pumpkin beer trend. Available now on draft and in 22oz bottles only in Oregon, The Dapper Skeleton is a spicy pepper infused pumpkin ale from the GABF gold medal winner of pepper beers. 

Known for taking un-traditional approaches with classic styles like Burnside's Lime Kolsch as well as for his ingenious pepper beers like Sweet Heat (GABF Gold winning Apricot and Scotch Bonnet Pepper Wheat), Brewmaster/Co-Owner Jason Mcadam added a trio of chili's, cocoa nibs, a secret blend of spices and a touch of Cherrywood Smoked Malt. The Dapper Skeleton will leave pumpkin beer fans clamoring for more and skeptics rethinking the style.

The Dapper Skeleton is available NOW in 22oz bottles and 50L kegs through Maletis Beverage.

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  1. Not a very good beer. I love beer, my wife and I are constantly trying different beers, almost daily. This one though, we both had a hard time finishing a 22oz bottle between the two of us. Different strokes for different folks, the best thing about living in Oregon is the vast selection we have available to us.


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