Review: He Said (Baltic Porter), 21st Amendment Brewery

He Said (Baltic-Style Porter)
21st Amendment Brewery — San Francisco, CA

  • Style: Baltic-Style Porter 
  • Bitterness:  Not specified
  • ABV:  8.2%
  • Malts:  2-row, Carafa II, Cara-Vienne, Dark Munich, Carafa III
  • Hops:  Northern Brewer, Styrian Golding
  • Special Ingredients:  Pumpkin puree, pumpkin juice, Vietnamese cinnamon, caraway seed
  • Yeast:  German Lager
    • Sampled:  12 oz. can

    Description:  The story starts in 1999 when Shaun O’Sullivan walked into my Seattle pub. He’d heard about my massive pumpkin fest and wanted to get together and brew a pumpkin beer like no other: a Baltic style Porter brewed with pumpkin, caraway and cinnamon. In a light colored can. — 21st Amendment Brewery

    Random thoughts:  He Said is a two-beer collaboration between 21st Amendment and Elysian Brewing. The Baltic Porter was created by Shaun O'Sullivan (21st Amendment Brewmaster). The Belgian Tripel is the brainchild of Dick Cantwell, founder of Elysian Brewing and Unofficial Lord of all pumpkin beers.   

    The tasting:  Dark brown, near black in color, with a tan head that dissipates fairly quickly. Aroma of roasted malt, coffee, and a touch of smoke. Hints of cinnamon also come through in the nose. Flavor mirrors the aroma. The spice level is niceI can taste it, but it's not overwhelming and melds nicely with the malt flavors.  He Said Baltic Porter is light bodied and softly carbonated. Overall hop bitterness is low and alcohol isn't very noticeable, which is surprising considering this is an 8.2% ABV beer. It finishes with roasted malt, smoke and a touch of spice.

    4 star.  Really Good.  I want this again!  I  enjoyed this beer. While I didn't taste the pumpkin, it had the spices I've come to expect of the style. Given its light body,  I could easily see myself drinking a few of these on an autumn afternoon. If you're looking to get a pumpkin beer fix, this is one to consider.

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