Hopworks' Handmade Bike & Beer Festival

Biketobeerfest is back!  Well, sort of...  Hopworks is once again hosting everyone's favorite beer fest / Huffy hurling extravaganza! This year, it's being combined with the Oregon Handmade Bicycle show. I'm always on the lookout for kid-friendly beer events, and this is one the kiddies (and adults) will enjoy. All the details are listed in the brewery's news release below.

I last attended Biketobeerfest in 2011 and made a short video. Check it out! 

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Handmade Bike & Beer Festival Opens September 27th and 28th

Portland, OR - The Handmade Bike & Beer Festival is one of the most exciting festivals in the city of Portland. It is a weekend-long event that draws attention to the renowned bike builders that live in our region, and the craft beer industry that has made Portland the best beer city in the country. This family-friendly festival runs from September 27-28th in our covered, festival event space.

At Hopworks Urban Brewery, our passion for world-class beer and for the visibility of bicycles in our city fueled the creation of the Handmade Bike & Beer Festival. The fest is a mash-up of two of Portland’s favorite fall events – HUB’s Biketobeerfest and the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association’s (OBCA) Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.

The festival features 30 custom bike builders and vendors who follow the long tradition of crafting beautiful bikes by hand, craft beer from some of the most exciting breweries in our region, and live local music acts. Activities include the classic “Huffy Huck” bike-throwing competition, New Birth Break Dancers, Flatlanders BMX stunt crew perform and the Tricycle Obstacle Course, a race course that features adult-sized trikes. Visitors will be treated to excellent local food from Taco Pedaler, Ruby Jewel, and the HUB kitchen.

Dance to the tunes of The Israelites, the legendary ska band. We’ll also have some really fun Pacific Northwest bands including There Is No Mountain, Bear Water Band, and Shake Up Bluegrass (previously Left Coast Country).

The Handmade BIke & Beer Festival is taking place Hopworks Urban Brewery, located at 2944 SE Powell Blvd. and runs at various times on September 27th and 28th.

Times of Festival
September 27, 2014
Bikes: 10am – 6pm
Bands and Beers: 12pm-9pm
September 28, 2014
Bikes and Beers: 12pm-5pm

Weekend Schedule

10:00am - Bike Show Begins
12:00pm - Beer Festival Begins
2:00pm - Huffy Huck Round 1
3:00pm - New Birth Break Dancers
4:00pm - Band - Shake Up Bluegrass
5:00pm - Flatlanders - BMX stunt crew
6:00pm - Band - There Is No Mountain
6:00pm - Huffy Huck Round 2
7:00pm - New Birth Breakdancers
8:00pm - Band - The Israelites

12:00pm - Bike Show and Beer Festival Begins
3:00pm - Band - Bear Water Band

$10 - Entry to the festival
$25 - Entry + glass and 15 drink/food tickets
$40 - Entry + glass and 20 tickets + t-shirt

Kids 15 and under are free
A 4 oz. beer taste is 1 – 2 tickets, a pint is 4 tickets and food items run between 1 – 8 tickets.

Bike Builders and Vendors:
Ahearne Cycles, Bicycle Fitting Service, Bike Friday, Breadwinner Cycles, Inc., Caylor Frames, Circa Cycles, Helavna Cycles, Iglehart Cycles, Littleford Bicycles, Pioneer Bicycles, Machine Cycles, Metrofiets LLC, North St. Bags, PRiNK Technologies, Point West Credit Union, Rain Bikes, Risse Racing Technology, Inc, Rolf Prima, Strawberry Bicycle, Sunstar, Swift Industries, Ti Cycles, Thursday Bicycles, United Bike Institute, Winter Bicycles and more

Beer Festival
Brewers include Ex-Novo Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Gigantic Brewing, Grain Station Brew Works, Hopworks Urban Brewery, Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Pfriem Family Brewers, Widmer Brothers Brewing and others. Low/Gluten Free Options include: Reverend Nat’s Hard CIder, Cider Riot!


  1. The video Hopworks' Handmade Bike & Beer Festival is so wonderful!!!Dance to the tunes of The Israelites, the legendary ska band.

  2. Building, beer, music and camaraderie. Every bikers day well spent!

  3. This schedule is applied for this year,right?

  4. Bike and beer festival I like most. All the time I tried to participate on this event. But this last I didn't participate due to my illness. Want to participate on this year. Please inform me the schedule of this year bike and beer festival.

  5. Man, i wish i was in the area this sounds like a blast. Beer and Bikes is definitely the perfect combo. Let's just hope not to much beer and then trying to ride a bike that's a different story haha.

  6. Great festival i hope we could have something like this here.


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