First National Taphouse Opens in SW Portland

Score one for the west side! First National Taphouse is launching a new location in SW Portland, near Portland State University. I've never visited their Eugene taphouse, but look forward to checking out the new location soon. For more details, check out the news release below.

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First National Taphouse Arrives in Portland
Irish-Inspired Pub Opens Second Location 110 Miles North of Original

PORTLAND, Ore. (September 11, 2014)  — Born in Eugene, Oregon, First National Taphouse opens its second location in the Portland State University college district at 1962 SW 5th Ave. Originally located in the building that housed Eugene, Oregon’s first bank, First National Taphouse was founded with a deep reverence for Oregon’s trailblazers, from loggers and farmers to bank robbers and outlaws. Named after the First National Bank, the one-year-old brand pays homage to history utilizing repurposed décor. Everything, from the mahogany double French doors and the liquor neon sign that date back to the 1920s, to the beaten wood floor and the vintage sports gear, contributes to create a sense of timelessness. While honoring past generations, First National Taphouse also pioneers the exploration of a new west of beers. With a menu of elevated heritage-based food designed to pair with beer, First National Taphouse welcomes novices and experts to walk through its doors for an educational and satisfying experience.

“We pledge to be stewards of everyone’s beer experience,” says co-owner Steve Master. “We want to be a trusted advisor who will connect locals and travelers with a beer they’ll love, while providing the very best food to go with it.” Tasked with creating an exquisite pub menu with surprising twists, executive chef David Bloomfield looked to the Old World to find the historic roots of gastropub cooking. The seasonal menu he created for First National Taphouse in Portland reflects Irish influences while staying true to the Northwest bounty. It showcases time-honored yet adventurous dishes, such as Irish whiskey pepper steak with potato pancake, honey parsnips, chicken wings confit, glazed with carrots habanero or Columbia river steelhead with pale ale melted leeks, fingerling potatoes & stone ground mustard beurre blanc. 

“The opportunity to create the beer inventory at First National Taphouse’s Portland location and manage it from the ground up has been thrilling,” explains general manager Jennifer D’Annunzio, who credits her many trips to remote locales around the globe for her ability to discover and pair a wide range of delicious beers, ciders and wines with food. D’Annunzio’s carefully selected beers and wines from across the Pacific Northwest make up the bulk of the 30 beer and eight wine taps along with more than 400 bottles from breweries around the world. “We strive to offer our guests a holistic and educational experience, one where they’ll learn about rare beers and food pairings, or where they can savor pints of their daily favorite local beers,” emphasizes the manager.

At once a taphouse, full-service restaurant, bottle shop and full bar with a focus on whiskey and classic cocktails, First National Taphouse strives to become a place where old friends choose to meet and anyone can feel at home.

About First National Taphouse:
First National Taphouse is a devoted protector of treasured food and beer experience. Located on the corner of SW 5th and College Way, the pub has 30 beers on tap, more than 400 bottled beers, eight wines on tap and a full liquor selection. First National Taphouse is located at 1962 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201. For more information, please call (971) 703-5479 or visit the website at or the facebook page. 

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Photo courtesy of First National Taphouse

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