Rare Beer Club August Selections (Funkwerks Saison & Weizen Double Bock)

The Rare Beer Club's August selections include a Saison from Funkwerks and a Weizen Double Bock from Meantime Brewing Co. Here are the club's descriptions of each:

  • Saison, Funkwerks, Fort Collins, Colorado:  Funkwerks’ Saison is a quintessential Belgian-style saison: snappy, crisp, and dry with a focused peppery yeastiness—just what we look for in the style. Lemony yellow with a nice haze and plenty of off-white foam, this saison delivers aromas of white and black pepper, with complex accompanying notes of vanilla, almond, tangerine, and even the delicate tartness of passion fruit. Fresh oranges fill out the aroma as a last bit of plushness: juicy, spritzy, and like an actual jolt of fresh-squeezed juice. The tightly bubbled, vibrant CO2 lifts up the detailed flavors: black pepper, almonds, even a hint of cola. Additional juiciness is provided by splashes of tangerine, an aroma-fulfilling orange jolt, along with pithy, citrusy lemon verbena. There’s a nicely firm bitterness to this beer fresh, but plenty of room to accommodate the soft, caramelized qualities of oxidation that would come from a year or so in the cellar. 

  • Weizen Double Bock Ale, Meantime Brewing Co., London, England:  A limited edition which has come to the US in a very small volume, and very little of that has seen distribution; we’re excited to have been able to secure enough to be able to share it with our members. During our tasting panel, we kept returning to this impressive and complex brew. Pouring a deep and murky-dark brown with golden edges, this weizenbock offers up deep caramel to fill out the aroma, joined by a robust clove-like note, red fruit, green apple, pear, and vanilla to deliver a fresh, ripe-fruit character which works great beside those caramel and brown sugar notes underneath. On the palate: caramel, clove, brown sugar, and fresh fruit including pear, apple, and banana—all fitting perfectly. The deep notes tend to pull the hardest, with viscous caramel that seems to coat (but never does; hat tip to CO2) and vanilla fitting naturally and seamless beside the fruits.

Funkwerks distributes in only three states (Colorado, Arizona, and Nebraska), so if you've been looking to try their beer, here's your chance. For detailed information about these beers, browse through the club's August newsletter. To learn more about The Rare Beer Club, and to see pictures of a beer shipment I received from the club, click here.

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