Portland Brewing's Noble Scot Returns

Summer is quickly coming to an end.  While it was a great season in the Northwest,  I'm ready for fall and some malty autumn beers. With great timing, Portland Brewing sent me a pair of Scottish-inspired seasonals to sample. Noble Scot returns for the third year as the brewery's fall release.  I originally reviewed Noble Scot during its debut season. You can read more about it in the brewery's press release listed below.

Imperial Mac's is a an amped up version of MacTarnahan's Amber Ale. It's in very limited release and sports screenprinted label artwork complete with shiny foil.

Winter beers are coming (some are already here), so make sure you enjoy the short fall beer season. In closing, it it ain't Scottish, it's crap!!!

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Sound the Bagpipes — Noble Scot Has Arrived 
All Hail Portland Brewing’s Fall Seasonal

PORTLAND, Ore. (August 15, 2014) — Get a taste of Scotland without the jet lag in Portland Brewing’s Scottish-style fall seasonal. Portland Brewery has brewed up the highlands — minus the haggis and kilts — into a pint with Noble Scot. 

Filled with notes of toast and caramel, this ale promises to send even the most dour Scotsman into a joyous jig. Brewed with a merry match of Northern Brewer, East Kent Golding, and Willamette hops, Noble Scot is complex and full-bodied. Its sweet, subtle smokiness is provided by the addition of 2-Row Pale, Smoked, Carapils, Roasted Barley, and Melanoidin malts. At 6.5% ABV and 25 IBU, Noble Scot fits between the dog days of summer and the crisp fall weather like a kilt on a tartan-clad Scotsman.

“Most brewers use spring and autumn to move between the light beers of summer and the heavy beers of winter,” says head brewer Ryan Pappe. “Seasonal beers at this time often dial the body back up a bit, so there’s more sweetness and lingering malt flavors. The beers of autumn can cover a wide range of styles and flavors, from pumpkin beers with notes of spice, to sweeter ales like our very own Noble Scot.”

Noble Scot is available at the Portland Brewing Company Taproom, in stores and bottle shops, in 22 oz. bottles, 12 oz. 6-packs and on draft. Raise your glass to Noble Scot, but do so quickly, it’s available for a limited time — from August 15 to October 15. Make haste, just like a Loch Ness Monster sighting, this beast will disappear before your eyes.

Find Noble Scot and other Portland Brewing brews through the beer finder at http://www.portlandbrewing.com/finder/.

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