Salt & Straw and Pelican's Ultimate Beer and Bacon Ice Cream

Beer, ice cream, and bacon are three of my favorite foods. They're not only delicious on their own, but also pair well with other foods. Have you ever pondered the possibilities of what might result if you combine all three together? 

I recently found out when my family made a trip to Salt & Straw on NW 21st Street. Salt & Straw is well-known in Portland for their small batch, handcrafted ice cream made from sustainable, locally-grown ingredients. They're also known for combining unusual ingredients in unlikely combinations to create offerings such as Pear with Blue Cheese, Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Black Pepper, and Bone Marrow & Bourbon Smoked Cherries (yes, you read that correctly).

They also feature limited-release seasonal offerings. Right now, you can celebrate spring with a cone of Mint Leaves with Sea Urchin Meringue or Dandelion Sorbet with Spring flowers. They may sound odd, but you just need to try them. Anyway, when I visited in late March, I stumbled on my dream flavorDouble Bock Bacon Ale. Here's Salt & Straw's description:

A re-incarnation from Salt & Straw flavor history. This combination of a malty, caramel-heavy beer paired with sweet, molasses-heavy bacon was our first seasonal we ever made. This year, we have teamed up with Pelican Brewing to use their Doppelbock to flavor the ice cream, which is a malt-bomb and creates the perfect base for our candied bacon.

Sounds tasty, but did it live up to expectations? Absolutely! The malt from the beer provided a solid base that wasn't overly sweet. The caramel added a wonderful sweetness that was perfectly balanced by the salty bacon. This experience goes to prove that bacon DOES, in fact, make everything better and it also furthers my belief in a benevolent creator.

While Double Bock Bacon Ale was a limited release, Salt & Straw periodically features ice cream made with local craft beers. Check their website to see the menu. Have you visited Salt & Straw?  What's your favorite flavor?

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  1. How benevolent can He be if you have to kill the pig, which is also His creation, is it not?

    Doug Greener

  2. Yeah, I guess it doesn't work out so well for the pig, does it?


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