Review: DirtWolf Double IPA, Victory

DirtWolf Double IPA
Victory Brewing Co. — Downington, PA

  • Style:  Double IPA
  • Bitterness:  Not specified
  • ABV:  8.7%
  • Malts:  Imported two-row malts
  • Hops:  Whole flower Citra, Chinook, Simcoe, and Mosaic
  • Sampled:  12 oz. bottle

Description:  Darkly heroic, Humulus Lupulus (hops) have empowered brews with bite and character since the 11th century.  DirtWolf is a tribute to these untamed vines which rise from the earth with the voracity of a “wolf among sheep.” Hops have made an assertive comeback in American craft brewing.  Revel in the best U.S. varieties of hops, in their natural, whole flower form, as they bring a vital, pungent reality to the soul of a wild element in our dangerously satisfying DirtWolf Double IPA. — Victory Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:  Portland experienced a snowstorm last week. Accumulation of snow is a rare in the Willamette Valley. To commemorate the event, parents took pictures of their kids playing in the snow. Beer bloggers took pictures of their beer in the snow. Strange, I know... I'm drinking DirtWolf as part of my new series on IPAs.

The tasting:  Stamped with a May 18, 2014 enjoy-by date.  Deep golden in color, slightly hazy, with a frothy white head that dissipates very slowly. Aroma of tangerine, cracker and a touch of alcohol. Flavor features a strong dose of grapefruit, which includes some of the bitter rind flavor. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a malt presence. Overall hop bitterness is high. Alcohol presence is subdued for a nearly 9% ABV beer. DirtWolf is light bodied, moderately carbonated and finishes dry with notes of grapefruit.

3 star.  Good.  I would drink this again if it was given to me. DirtWolf is brewed with several varieties of extremely aromatic and flavorful hops. Strangely, I found it to be one dimensional. I was also disappointed by the lack of a noticeable malt base. However, don’t let my lack of enthusiasm dissuade you. You should know that DirtWolf is extremely well rated on both RateBeer and Beer Advocate. Try it for yourself. Results will vary.

What do you think of Victory's DirtWolf?   

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