Introducing ABV Public House

Back in September, Kevin Stahr told me about his big plans. Walking through a cavernous white space adjacent to Mainbrew, his home brew supply store, Kevin described what might eventually become the largest taproom and restaurant in the Portland area. But first, a little history.

Back in August 2010, Mainbrew (then known as Main Street Homebrew) added a small selection of craft beer bottles to its offerings. A year later, they expanded to their current and larger location in an office park on Clara Lane in Hillsboro. The extra space enabled Mainbrew to vastly increase their bottle selection. In the process, they became one of the westside's largest bottle shops. All of that was a prelude to this...

Now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted, I'm excited to tell you ABV Public House is now open for business! Here a few reasons you'll want to check out ABV:

  • 36 taps, focusing on hard-to-find, limited releases.  32 taps are devoted to beer, 2 of which are nitro. The other 4 taps will feature a combination of wine, mead, and cider. They will use the Digital Pour system, so you'll be able to view the current taplist online (should be operational later this week). BTW, if you're not a fan of good beer, don't despair--one tap will be devoted to a macro lager (currently PBR) for your industrial swilling pleasure. 
  • 20 refrigerated doors stocked with at least 600 different beers. Beer will be refrigerated at all times. No warm shelves here. Bottled beer will be available to go, or for on-premises consumption for a corkage fee.
  • Growler & grenade fills available for about half of the beer offerings. 
  • Full-service, 75 seat restaurant which will feature beer prominently in its offerings. Lunch and dinner will be served. 
  • Corny keg fills available next door at Mainbrew. 
  • Family friendly. Bring your kids! 

When I asked Kevin and his crew what ABV stands for, I was told to use my imagination. It appears "Artisan Beer Venue" is the semi-official name. But from what I've seen, I think I'll start referring to it as Amazing Beer Vortex. On behalf of westside craft beer fans, I'd like to offer a huge thanks to Kevin and his crew! We've been waiting...

ABV Public House
23588 Clara Lane
Hillsboro, OR  97124


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  1. That looks like an outstanding venue! I wish we had something like that in Minnesota. They just recently started allowing microbreweries here.
    I hope their website is up soon, more than just a welcome page. I'll be interested to see the variety of beers that they serve.


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