Full Sail's 2014 Vintage Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout

I’m a big fan of Imperial Stouts. They’re rich, roasty, and can sport incredible depth of flavor. The high alcohol content is often well masked (in good versions) making them the perfect style for sipping and sharing.

In late January, Full Sail announced the annual release of their 2014 Vintage Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout. I reviewed the 2013 vintage last spring and was impressed. The 2014 and 2013 vintages each spent one year in barrels before being bottled. However, this beer is a perfect candidate for extended cellaring. So I'm going to put the my bottle (a sample from Full Sail) in the cellar for a year and see how it compares to the 2013. Check back in a year. All good things to those who wait...

For more information about the current release, check out the details below. 

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Full Sail Brewing Releases 2014 Vintage Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout

Hood River, Oregon – In the 1990s, a master distiller visiting from Scotland, and a Brewmaster from a small brewery in Hood River, serendipitously crossed paths. Over a pint or two, they shared their labors of love and pondered a rather intriguing question: what would happen if beer and distilled spirits met somewhere along the way? The outcome of their inspiration was Full Sail’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, an annual celebration of the best of American beer and American bourbon. With a tip of the hat to the Scotsman that inspired the idea, Full Sail offers this finely crafted beer for a limited time.

Full Sail Brewing will release their 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout in early February. This beer has been patiently and carefully aging in bourbon casks for over a year. Highly anticipated by beer lovers every year, this release from the Brewery has received numerous accolades over the years, including gold and silver medals, five star ratings, and a bounty of happy customers.

This beer was brewed in December of 2012 and aged in Kentucky bourbon casks from Heaven Hill, Four Roses, and Makers Mark. This extended aging presents hints of vanilla and allows the Imperial Stout to pick up the flavors of the wood, bourbon, and oak. The aging accentuates the robust character of the Imperial Stout and brings out the depth of flavor from the bourbon creating chocolate and caramel notes and an overall elegantly sophisticated beer.

The beer is racked in small batches and is available in only very limited quantities. It cellars well, so if you store a few bottles in a dark, cool place and be patient, you will be rewarded for your effort and restraint. This special beer is available early February in 22oz. bottles and draft. ABV 9.84% IBU 40

About Full Sail Brewing Company:
The independent and employee-owned Full Sail Brewery is perched on a bluff in Hood River, Oregon, overlooking the most epic wind and kite surfing spot in the world. At this very moment our specialists in the liquid refreshment arts are crafting barley and hops into your next beer. Among the company’s most popular brews are Full Sail Amber, IPA, Limited Lager Series, Pub Ale Series, Session Premium, Session Black, and Session Fest lagers. Founded in 1987, the Full Sail crew has been fermenting award winning godlike nectar for 26 years, and is committed to brewing great beer sustainably. The Full Sail Brew Pub is open seven days a week. Swing by for a pint, grab a bite, tour the brewery, or just soak up the view.

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