Full Sail's 2014 Vintage Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout

I’m a big fan of Imperial Stouts. They’re rich, roasty, and can sport incredible depth of flavor. The high alcohol content is often well masked (in good versions) making them the perfect style for sipping and sharing.

In late January, Full Sail announced the annual release of their 2014 Vintage Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout. I reviewed the 2013 vintage last spring and was impressed. The 2014 and 2013 vintages each spent one year in barrels before being bottled. However, this beer is a perfect candidate for extended cellaring. So I'm going to put the my bottle (a sample from Full Sail) in the cellar for a year and see how it compares to the 2013. Check back in a year. All good things to those who wait...

For more information about the current release, check out the details below. 

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Full Sail Brewing Releases 2014 Vintage Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout

Hood River, Oregon – In the 1990s, a master distiller visiting from Scotland, and a Brewmaster from a small brewery in Hood River, serendipitously crossed paths. Over a pint or two, they shared their labors of love and pondered a rather intriguing question: what would happen if beer and distilled spirits met somewhere along the way? The outcome of their inspiration was Full Sail’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, an annual celebration of the best of American beer and American bourbon. With a tip of the hat to the Scotsman that inspired the idea, Full Sail offers this finely crafted beer for a limited time.

Full Sail Brewing will release their 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout in early February. This beer has been patiently and carefully aging in bourbon casks for over a year. Highly anticipated by beer lovers every year, this release from the Brewery has received numerous accolades over the years, including gold and silver medals, five star ratings, and a bounty of happy customers.

This beer was brewed in December of 2012 and aged in Kentucky bourbon casks from Heaven Hill, Four Roses, and Makers Mark. This extended aging presents hints of vanilla and allows the Imperial Stout to pick up the flavors of the wood, bourbon, and oak. The aging accentuates the robust character of the Imperial Stout and brings out the depth of flavor from the bourbon creating chocolate and caramel notes and an overall elegantly sophisticated beer.

The beer is racked in small batches and is available in only very limited quantities. It cellars well, so if you store a few bottles in a dark, cool place and be patient, you will be rewarded for your effort and restraint. This special beer is available early February in 22oz. bottles and draft. ABV 9.84% IBU 40

About Full Sail Brewing Company:
The independent and employee-owned Full Sail Brewery is perched on a bluff in Hood River, Oregon, overlooking the most epic wind and kite surfing spot in the world. At this very moment our specialists in the liquid refreshment arts are crafting barley and hops into your next beer. Among the company’s most popular brews are Full Sail Amber, IPA, Limited Lager Series, Pub Ale Series, Session Premium, Session Black, and Session Fest lagers. Founded in 1987, the Full Sail crew has been fermenting award winning godlike nectar for 26 years, and is committed to brewing great beer sustainably. The Full Sail Brew Pub is open seven days a week. Swing by for a pint, grab a bite, tour the brewery, or just soak up the view.

Review: Trilogy 1, BridgePort Brewing Co.

Trilogy 1
BridgePort Brewing Co. — Portland, OR

  • Style:  Pale Ale
  • Bitterness:  40 IBU
  • ABV:  5.2%
  • Malts:  Not specified
  • Hops:  Crystal
  • Sampled:  12 oz. bottle (provided by brewery)

Description:  This dry-hopped pale showcasing crystal hops is beer #1 in our seriesmade to honor the hop revolution that ignited the craft brewing movement thirty years ago. Slightly spicy with a soft mouthfeel, Trilogy 1 finishes with a pleasant citrusy dry-hop aroma and flavor. — BridgePort Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:  BridgePort turns 30 this year. The Trilogy Series commemorates each of the brewery's three decades with a limited release beer. This first is a crystal dry-hopped pale ale.

The tasting:  Golden orange in color, hazy, it has a white head that dissipates slowly. Aroma starts with spicy and grassy hops. I also get a slight hint of honey. Taste starts with similar grassy and herbal hop bitterness. In the middle, a mild biscuit-like malt flavors emerges. Overall hop bitterness is moderate. The hops have a solid presence but do not overwhelm with bitterness. Alcohol is not noticeable in aroma or flavor. Trilogy 1 is light bodied, moderately carbonated, and finishes with soft spicy and citrus hop bitterness.

4 star.  Really Good! I want this again!  It seems like most of the pale ales and IPAs I've tasted recently tend to utilize hops that have flavors of grapefruit/citrus, tropical fruit, or pine. While I'm generally not a huge fan of grassy and herbal hop flavors, this beer provided a nice change of pace from the typical hoppy beer flavors. I appreciate that BridgePort is bringing some different flavors to the glass. In addition, Trilogy 1's relatively low 5.2% alcohol content make it a great choice if you're looking to enjoy a few. Overall, this is a solid start to the Trilogy Series! Enjoy the first installment until May, when Trilogy 2 appears.

What do you think of BridgePort's Trilogy 1?   

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Stone Releases 2014 Old Guardian Barley Wine

Yesterday, Stone Brewing Co. announced the annual release of Old Guardian Barley Wine. In general, high ABV beers like Barleywines and Imperial Stouts are ideal candidates for extended cellaring. Over time, the hop character subsides and the alcohol bite mellows. This bottle of 2014 Old Guardian is going straight into my cellar (well, it's a crawlspace, really). I have a bottle of 2011 Old Guardian down there somewhere. I think it might finally be time to crack that one open...

Bottles should start appearing now in better beer stores and should last for at least a few weeks.

If you're a homebrewer, and want a DIY project, here's Stone's official homebrew recipe for Old Guardian. If you attempt this, make sure you have a big mash tun...

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ESCONDIDO, CA (Feb. 24, 2014) – Stone Brewing Co. is celebrating the release of its big, malty, fiercely hopped strong ale: 2014 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. Beginning today, eager consumers and collectors may pick up a bottle of this annual release at retailers in select markets across the country.

Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine is a brawny beer with a rich malt backbone and assertive New World hop profile. The beer pours a burnt amber color with strong citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Its flavor is rich and malty, displaying hints of molasses and brown sugar up front, with apricot and pine notes in the finish.

“Each year, the beer’s recipe is slightly adjusted to allow us to play with different malt and hop varieties,” explains Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “All in all, I aim for the same end result: a well-rounded, complex beer that’s ready to drink now or age at cellar temperatures for many years.”

Fans may enjoy 2014 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine now, or properly store it to enjoy in the future. Over time, the hoppiness of the beer will fade and its initial sweetness will smooth out, transforming the beer into a much different, even richer and more refined brew. 

2014 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Quick Facts
Name: 2014 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine
Stats: 11.6% ABV, 80 IBUs
Availability: Limited 22-ounce bottles and draft, beginning February 24
Hops Bill: Nugget, Cascade, Delta, Chinook
Distribution: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, and WA  

Introducing ABV Public House

Back in September, Kevin Stahr told me about his big plans. Walking through a cavernous white space adjacent to Mainbrew, his home brew supply store, Kevin described what might eventually become the largest taproom and restaurant in the Portland area. But first, a little history.

Back in August 2010, Mainbrew (then known as Main Street Homebrew) added a small selection of craft beer bottles to its offerings. A year later, they expanded to their current and larger location in an office park on Clara Lane in Hillsboro. The extra space enabled Mainbrew to vastly increase their bottle selection. In the process, they became one of the westside's largest bottle shops. All of that was a prelude to this...

Now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted, I'm excited to tell you ABV Public House is now open for business! Here a few reasons you'll want to check out ABV:

  • 36 taps, focusing on hard-to-find, limited releases.  32 taps are devoted to beer, 2 of which are nitro. The other 4 taps will feature a combination of wine, mead, and cider. They will use the Digital Pour system, so you'll be able to view the current taplist online (should be operational later this week). BTW, if you're not a fan of good beer, don't despair--one tap will be devoted to a macro lager (currently PBR) for your industrial swilling pleasure. 
  • 20 refrigerated doors stocked with at least 600 different beers. Beer will be refrigerated at all times. No warm shelves here. Bottled beer will be available to go, or for on-premises consumption for a corkage fee.
  • Growler & grenade fills available for about half of the beer offerings. 
  • Full-service, 75 seat restaurant which will feature beer prominently in its offerings. Lunch and dinner will be served. 
  • Corny keg fills available next door at Mainbrew. 
  • Family friendly. Bring your kids! 

When I asked Kevin and his crew what ABV stands for, I was told to use my imagination. It appears "Artisan Beer Venue" is the semi-official name. But from what I've seen, I think I'll start referring to it as Amazing Beer Vortex. On behalf of westside craft beer fans, I'd like to offer a huge thanks to Kevin and his crew! We've been waiting...

ABV Public House
23588 Clara Lane
Hillsboro, OR  97124


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Widmer Brothers: 30 Beers for 30 Years

2014 is a special year for beer in Oregon, as two of the state's craft beer pioneers, Widmer Brothers and BridgePort, are turning 30. A few months ago, BridgePort announced the launch of their Trilogy Series to celebrate the occasion.

Widmer Brothers Brewing just announced its birthday plans. As you might expect involves beer--a lot of it. Beginning in April, the brothers Widmer will release 30 small batch beers. Each one will represent a specific year in their history. Since 30 beers is never enough, they're also planning six collaborations!

For complete details, check out the news release below. Prost to 30 years in beer!!  

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Brewing 30 Beers for 30 Years, and Six Collaboration Beers with Six Oregon Breweries

PORTLAND, Ore. – February 4, 2014 – Prost to 30 years of beer! Widmer Brothers Brewing today announced plans for its 30th Anniversary in 2014.

Headlining the brewery’s 30th Anniversary celebration is the 30 Beers for 30 Years Series. Beginning in April, the month Widmer Brothers was founded in 1984, the brewery will brew and release 30 small batch beers, each brewed to commemorate a specific year and beer in the brewery’s 30-year history. The 30 beers will be brewed at the brewery’s 10-barrel pilot brewery at the Rose Quarter in Portland and distributed locally, both on draught and in 22-ounce bottles.

“The 30 Beers for 30 Years project is our way to tell the story of our brewery’s 30 year history,” said Rob Widmer, co-founder. “We had a lot of fun choosing the most memorable beers to represent each of the last 30 years, and we’re excited to bring back some old favorites and long-forgotten releases for this series. The project is pretty ambitious, but we’re looking forward to sharing the history of the brewery in the best way we know how – with beer.”

Widmer Brothers is tapping some of Portland’s best creative talent for the 30 Beers for 30 Years label designs. Thirty different local artists and designers will design label art for the beers in this series based on their interpretations of the beer, making for a unique look at the past 30 years of Widmer Brothers Brewing.

Additionally, Widmer Brothers will be brewing six limited release collaboration beers with six of Oregon’s most innovative breweries to help celebrate the brewery’s 30 years of brewing in Oregon. The beers will be released in select markets on draught and in 22-ounce bottles throughout the year, beginning in April.

The six collaborations include releases with Boneyard Beer, Breakside Brewery, 10 Barrel Brewing, Gigantic Brewing, Ninkasi Brewing, and Deschutes Brewery.

“It’s amazing to look back at the last 30 years and see how far we’ve come as a brewery, as a community and as an industry. We’re extremely grateful for all the support we’ve received over the last 30 years,” said Kurt Widmer, co-founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing. “Beyond our 30 year anniversary, we also want use this opportunity to showcase and celebrate the unique camaraderie that exists between craft brewers, especially those of us fortunate enough to be part of Oregon’s brewing and beer communities.”

Portland-area beer drinkers should be on the lookout for the 30 Beers for 30 Years series starting in early April, and continuing through April 2015. All beers will be available locally in 22-ounce bottles with specially designed labels. New beers within the series will be announced and released throughout the year.

The collaborations with Oregon breweries will receive a wider distribution. Fans of Widmer Brothers and the collaborating breweries can expect to see these releases in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Please visit www.widmerbrothers.com for more information about Widmer Brothers Brewing, or follow Widmer Brothers on Facebook for the latest brewery news and happenings.

About Widmer Brothers Brewing
Founded in 1984, Widmer Brothers Brewing is celebrating 30 years of beer in 2014. Founders Kurt and Rob Widmer helped lead the Pacific Northwest craft beer movement in 1984 when, in their 20s, they began brewing unique interpretations of traditional German beer styles. In 1986, Widmer Brothers Brewing introduced the original American-style Hefeweizen, which elevated the brewery to national acclaim. Since then, the brewery has continued to push the boundaries of craft beer, developing a variety of beers with an unapologetic, uncompromised commitment to innovation.

Based in Portland, Ore., the brewery currently brews a variety of beers including Alchemy Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, the Rotator IPA series, Drop Top Amber Ale, Pitch Black IPA, Nelson Imperial IPA, a full seasonal lineup, and a series of limited edition beers. For more information about Widmer Brothers Brewing, visit www.widmerbrothers.com.

Review: DirtWolf Double IPA, Victory

DirtWolf Double IPA
Victory Brewing Co. — Downington, PA

  • Style:  Double IPA
  • Bitterness:  Not specified
  • ABV:  8.7%
  • Malts:  Imported two-row malts
  • Hops:  Whole flower Citra, Chinook, Simcoe, and Mosaic
  • Sampled:  12 oz. bottle

Description:  Darkly heroic, Humulus Lupulus (hops) have empowered brews with bite and character since the 11th century.  DirtWolf is a tribute to these untamed vines which rise from the earth with the voracity of a “wolf among sheep.” Hops have made an assertive comeback in American craft brewing.  Revel in the best U.S. varieties of hops, in their natural, whole flower form, as they bring a vital, pungent reality to the soul of a wild element in our dangerously satisfying DirtWolf Double IPA. — Victory Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:  Portland experienced a snowstorm last week. Accumulation of snow is a rare in the Willamette Valley. To commemorate the event, parents took pictures of their kids playing in the snow. Beer bloggers took pictures of their beer in the snow. Strange, I know... I'm drinking DirtWolf as part of my new series on IPAs.

The tasting:  Stamped with a May 18, 2014 enjoy-by date.  Deep golden in color, slightly hazy, with a frothy white head that dissipates very slowly. Aroma of tangerine, cracker and a touch of alcohol. Flavor features a strong dose of grapefruit, which includes some of the bitter rind flavor. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a malt presence. Overall hop bitterness is high. Alcohol presence is subdued for a nearly 9% ABV beer. DirtWolf is light bodied, moderately carbonated and finishes dry with notes of grapefruit.

3 star.  Good.  I would drink this again if it was given to me. DirtWolf is brewed with several varieties of extremely aromatic and flavorful hops. Strangely, I found it to be one dimensional. I was also disappointed by the lack of a noticeable malt base. However, don’t let my lack of enthusiasm dissuade you. You should know that DirtWolf is extremely well rated on both RateBeer and Beer Advocate. Try it for yourself. Results will vary.

What do you think of Victory's DirtWolf?   

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Kells' Zwickelmania '14: Five Breweries and a Double Decker Bus

Zwickelmania '14 is next Saturday, February 15. This is your once-a-year pass to go behind-the-scenes at your favorite breweries, meet the great people who brew your beer, and of course—drink the beer! Even better, you can take the opportunity to visit multiple breweries in the same afternoon.

Kells Brew Pub is making it even easier for you. They've assembled a Zwickel crawl of five breweries in NW Portland and will chauffeur you to each location on their double decker bus for FREE! All the details, including the shuttle schedule, are listed below. 

Enjoy Zwickelmania, be safe, and leave the driving to someone else!!! 

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Kells Brew Pub Adds Zwickelmania Shuttle for Northwest Breweries
Beer lovers can pub crawl between five NW Portland breweries in the Kells Double Decker Bus

Portland, ORE. – Zwickelmania is a free statewide event that offers visitors a chance to tour Oregon breweries, meet the brewers and sample their favorite beers.
 The 6th annual Zwickelmania will take place Saturday, Feb. 15 from 11am to 4pm.

Kells Brew Pub, located at 210 NW 21st Ave., will be offering tours of the brewery, live tastings of its India Session Lager spring seasonal off the zwickel, and snacks.

Kells is also providing its Double Decker bus for a free Zwickel crawl between five Northwest Portland breweries. The Kells Bus will shuttle between Kells Brew Pub, Lucky Lab Brewing on NW Quimby, BridgePort Brew Pub, Deschutes Brewery and McMenamins Crystal Ballroom.

The bus will leave each location every 10 minutes, beginning at 11am. Buses will be picking up and dropping off at each location at the designated time. Wait out front for pick up. The official schedule follows:

Kells Brew Pub: 11:0011:5012:40, 1:
30, 2:203:10, Last stop 4:00 pm
Lucky Lab Brewing: 11:10, 12:00, 12:50, 1:40, 2:30, 3:20
BridgePort Brew Pub: 11:20, 12:10, 1:00, 1:50, 2:40, 3:30
Deschutes Brewery: 11:30, 12:20, 1:10, 2:00, 2:50, 3:40
McMenamins Crystal Brewery: 11:40, 12:30, 1:20, 2:10, 3:00 3:50

View the schedule online at http://oregoncraftbeer.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Bus.pdf; view other neighborhood bus routes and learn more about Zwickelmania at http://oregoncraftbeer.org/events/zwickelmania/

Share your experience on Twitter and Instagram using the #zwickel14 hashtag.

For more information, call 503-710-7175 or visit www.kellsbrewpub.com.

Sierra Nevada Launches 2014 Harvest Series

Single hop, fresh hop, wet hop, wild hop. Can you figure out the common theme? If you said hops, you'd be correct! If not, I'm not sure what to tell you. Regardless, beer drinkers love hops. This insatiable demand has caused hop farmers and breweries to grow and experiment with an endless variety of hops.

Sierra Nevada's 2014 Harvest Series will explore hops in their varied and glorious formssingle, fresh, wet, and wild! Hey, we're talking about IPAs and hops, not something else...

The first release, a single hop IPA, will showcase an experimental hop variety that features flavors of blueberry and black pepper! Most IPAs utilize multiple varieties of hops. As a result, it's difficult to determine the flavors that are imparted by each variety. Single hop beers feature just one hop variety and allow you, dear craft beer drinker, to better appreciate the beauty of a particular hop variety. 

The first of five installments in this 2014 series ships nationwide next week. Complete details are in the news release below. Blueberry and black pepper sounds intriguing. I can't wait to taste it!  

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Chico, CA—February 5, 2014—Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. continues to champion whole-cone hops with its 2014 Harvest series whose five large-format (24-ounce) IPAs will showcase newly developed hop varieties and explore diverse hopping methods: single hop, fresh hop, wet hop, and wild hop. The first beer, a single hop IPA shipping nationwide next week, features the unnamed hop 291, which seesaws between intense floral aromas and notes of blueberry and black pepper. Another single hop IPA, as well as fresh hop (Southern Hemisphere Harvest®), wet hop (Northern Hemisphere Harvest®) and wild hop IPAs, round out the lineup. Sierra Nevada always hunts for rare and exciting hop flavors, and the Harvest series offers a year of sampling some of the brewery’s pioneering beers and latest hop discoveries.

“I’ve long been enamored with the aromatics and flavor of whole-cone hops, and breeders and growers are in craft’s corner pushing the limits of an ingredient that brings all of us—brewers and drinkers—a lot of excitement,” said Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder. “Our Harvest series is a fun glimpse at the future of hops, and it’s something we hope to repeat each year with bold new varieties.”

Sierra Nevada is also plotting its second annual Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild Harvest Festival in Chico, Calif., where brewers from across the country pour a selection of their beers that include at least one single hop, fresh hop, wet hop, or wild hop beer. After the festival’s inaugural showing in fall 2013, Celebrator Beer News said it “became a major ‘must attend’ beer celebration in its first year.”

“Craft brewers everywhere are marching hop flavor forward,” Grossman said, “and it’s that collective passion and ambition we want to elevate through events like Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild and beer projects like Harvest that create great experiences for new and seasoned craft drinkers.”

Southern Hemisphere will be the second beer in the Harvest series, released in May. It uses fresh hops from New Zealand, where the annual hop harvest occurs during our spring. Details about the 2014 Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild Harvest Festival are expected this summer.

About Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Founded in 1980, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is one of America’s premier craft breweries, highly regarded for using only whole-cone hops and the finest quality ingredients. The pioneering spirit that launched Sierra Nevada spans more than three decades, with innovation emerging from both the brewhouse and sustainability initiatives. Sierra Nevada has set the standard for artisan brewers worldwide as a winner of numerous awards for its extensive line of beers including Pale Ale, Torpedo®, Porter, Stout, Kellerweis® and a host of seasonal, specialty and limited release beers. Learn more at www.sierranevada.com.

# # #

Oakshire's Hellshire Day & Barrel-Aged Beer Fest

Zwickelmania 2014 will be held on Saturday, February 15. If you live in or near Eugene, you’re in luck! Oakshire Brewing has big plans. First, they’re releasing Hellshire IV, the fourth edition of their barrel aged beer series. In addition, they’re hosting a Barrel-Aged Beer Fest. Here are the details:

  • Hellshire IV Bottle Release:  Bottles are $15 each. There will be a 6 bottle limit from 11am – 3 pm. After 3pm, any remaining bottles will be available for sale.
  • Barrel Aged Beer Fest:  $15 festival entry includes a teku glass and 5 tokens. Additional tokens are $2 each. Samples are 4 oz. pours. If you check out the taplist at the end of this post, you’ll see that this promises to be an amazing event!  

If you don't live in Eugene, consider making the trip...  

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Hellshire Day & Barrel-Aged Beer Fest
February 15th 2014 – TAPLIST UPDATE

EUGENE, OR (January 10, 2014) – Oakshire Brewing will release Hellshire IV, the brewery’s fourth barrel-aged beer under the Hellshire label, on Saturday, February 15th.  To celebrate this release and the craft of barrel-aging, Oakshire will host Hellshire Day & Barrel-Aged Beer Fest at its Public House, on Madison Street in Eugene.  The beer festival will include offerings from Oakshire’s barrel-aging cellar, as well as dozens of barrel-aged beers from breweries around the country.  

An update to the festival taplist is below. 

Confirmed and shipped:
  • Breakside- Barrel-Aged Blended Ale (Final Details coming)
  • Gigantic- Mervyn’s 24 Hour Sale (Imperial CDA aged in bourbon barrels)
  • Hop Valley- Oak-aged Barleywine
  • Widmer- Triple Threat (Imperial Stout aged in Pinot, Bourbon and American Oak barrels)
  • 10 Barrel- El Capitan (Imperial Pumpkin ales aged in Jamaican Rum barrels)
  • Logsdon- Cerasus (Flanders Style Red ale w/ tart cherries)
  • Hopworks- Army of Darkness (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout)
  • Double Mountain-Aging Experiment #16 (Oak-aged Sour Strong Ale)
  • Crux- Bandished Double Cross (Pinot Barrel-aged Belgian Dark Strong)
  • Cascade - Barrel-Aged Diesel- Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout w/ Vanilla Beans
  • Cascade – Tawny Port- Rum barrel aged NW spiced red ale
  • The Commons- Gin Enkel- Belgian Table Beer aged in Old Tom Gin Barrels w/ apricots
  • Upright Brewing- Undercurrent (Strong Amber Saison aged in Whiskey and Wine w/ Brett)
  • Mazama- Port Barrel-Aged Grand Cru
  • Ft. George- North the VII (Bourbon Barrel-aged Belgian-Inspired IPA)
  • McMenamin’s High Street- Barrel-Aged Barleywine
  • De Garde- Double American Black Ale aged in Gin Barrels
  • 2 Towns- Bourbon Barrel Bad Apple Cider
  • Nectar Creek- Imperial Bourbon Barrel Wildflower Mead
  • Anchorage Brewing- Arctic Soiree
  • The Lost Abbey- Spontaneous Cheer (Spontaneous fermented Wild Ale w/ White Peaches)
  • The Lost Abbey- Angel’s Share Grand Cru (Blended Barrel-aged Strong Ale)
  • Pizza Port Carlsbad- Bourbon Barrel-Aged Night Rider(Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout)
  • 5050- Barrel-Aged Eclipse Stout (Special Keg from Brewmaster Todd Ashman)
  • Stone- Red Wine Barrel-Aged Cali Belgique IPA
  • Firestone Walker- Sucaba- Barrel-Aged Barleywine
  • The Bruery- Mélange #3- (Blend of 3 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Strong ales including White Oak Sap, Anniversary Series Old Ale, and Black Tuesday)
  • Two Brothers Brewing-Midwestern Death Metal- Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout w/ Espresso and Vanilla Beans
  • Haymarket Brewing- Clare’s Thirsty Ale (Raspberry Imperial Stout aged in Woodford Reserve Barrels)
  • Three Floyds Bourbon Barrel-Aged Behemoth Barleywine
  • Half Acre- Barrel-Aged Chub Step Porter (Aged in “Triple Smoke” Whiskey Barrels from Corsair Artisan Distillery)
  • Goose Island- Bourbon County Brand Barleywine
  • Off Color brewing- Dwandle (Scurry((Dark Honey Ale) aged in second use BCBS barrels)
  • Revolution Brewing- Horizontal Tango (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dubbel)
  • Pipeworks Brewing- Barrel-Aged Toasty Nut Abduction (Barrel-Aged Abduction Imperial Stout w/ cocoa nibs, vanilla bean, toasted coconut and almond)
  • New Holland Brewing- Dragons Milk( Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout)
  • Crooked Stave- Batch #60 (American Wild Ale Dry-Hopped w/ Citra and Amarillo)
  • Cigar City Brewing- Kalevioeg at the Gates of Hell (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter)

About Oakshire Brewing: Craftsmanship Defined
Oakshire Brewing of Eugene, OR, was founded in October 2006 with the goals of brewing the highest quality craft beer while providing exceptional customer service. Oakshire has become regionally and nationally recognized for consistently brewing fresh, unique and delicious beers in Oregon's lower Willamette Valley. The name Oakshire represents our core values: Strength, like the enduring oak; Independence, which fuels our innovation; and Community, remembering our place within the whole. The Oakshire Brewery is located at 1055 Madera Street and Oakshire’s Public House is located at 207 Madison Street, both in Eugene, OR.


Zwickelmania VI: February 15th, 2014

Mark your calendars! Oregon’s largest and most unique beer event will be held in less than two weeks. On Saturday, February 15, breweries across the great state of Oregon will open their doors and zwickels for curious and thirsty beer fans.

Why should you attend? First, a local brewery is brewery is likely participating.  Second, many of events are free.  Third, you’ll get a behind the scenes peak (and taste) into how your favorite beers are made!
Don’t miss the opportunity! For a detailed listing of events, check out the Zwickelmania event page.  Have you attended past Zwickelmania events? What were your favorites?
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6th Annual Zwickelmania Oregon Brewery Tour Opens Doors To Visitors
All Across Oregon On February 15
Celebrate Presidents' Day Weekend With Open House Events, Tour Shuttles And More

PORTLAND, Ore. (Jan. 28, 2014) — Zwickelmania, the annual one-day event in Oregon when breweries open their doors to the casual and hardcore beer fans, lands on Saturday, Feb. 15 this year — the day after Valentine’s Day — from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. An expected 100 breweries, both big and small, are participating with meet the brewer events, beer samples and sales on merchandise at the breweries.
For those who are planning a special Valentine’s Day trip to a place in Oregon, visitors are invited to click on one of the seven regions of Oregon on the Zwickelmania event page to see which participating breweries are open that day. Bus routes and schedules, itineraries and maps are also available for the Bend, Eugene, Portland and Salem areas.

“Out of nearly 200 breweries throughout the state, we’re shooting for 100 open breweries for Zwickelmania,“ says Oregon Brewers Guild executive director Brian Butenschoen. “So, there are many options in Oregon perfect for a romantic beery weekend getaway, whether you head to a city with a robust concentration of breweries or to a town with just one.”
Zwickelmania takes its name from the zwickel sample valve on beer conditioning tanks. This sample port is an essential tool in the brewing process and allows brewers to take quality control samples during the fermentation process.

Last year, more than 30,000 people toured 93 participating breweries statewide and Oregon Craft Beer, the public facing brand of the Oregon Brewers Guild, is expecting that number to increase in 2014 with Valentine’s Day kicking off a three-day Presidents' Day weekend.
For more information, head to Oregon Craft Beer’s Zwickelmania event page, Facebook page, and Twitter using the hashtag #zwickel14.

About The Oregon Brewers Guild
The Oregon Brewers Guild is Oregon’s non-profit trade association for the state’s independent breweries. The Guild, which receives no state funding, comprises 116 brewing companies, 80 associate or supplier members and more than 3,400 enthusiast members or S.N.O.B.s (Supporters of Native Oregon Beer). For more information, see www.oregoncraftbeer.org.


Review: Juniper IPA, Samuel Adams

Juniper IPA
Samuel Adams — Boston, MA

  • Style:  IPA
  • Bitterness:  50 IBU
  • ABV:  5.8%
  • Malts:  Two-row pale, honey malt
  • Hops:  Columbus, Ahtanum
  • Special Ingredients:  Juniper berries
  • Sampled:  12 oz. bottle (provided by brewery) 

Description: For this special release, we wanted to brew a flavorful winter IPA that captured the aroma of the season.  This brought us to juniper berries, which add a slightly sweet, piney character.  Complemented by citrus notes from American hops, this balanced IPA will brighten the holidays. — Samuel Adams 

Random thoughts:   Winter is winding down. I know most people in the midwest and east don't agree. But in terms of beer seasons, we're well into spring. I'm closing out my winter with Juniper IPA, which was released in exclusively in Samuel Adams’ Winter variety pack. I'm tasting it as part of my series on winter seasonals.
The tasting:   Deep golden orange in color, clear, with an off-white head that dissipates very slowly and leaves lots of sticky lacing on the glass. Aroma of sweet caramel and light evergreen. Taste is similar. It starts with evergreen and pine, with caramel and of biscuit malt emerging in the middle. Hop bitterness is moderate, and alcohol is not noticeable in aroma or flavor. Juniper IPA is medium bodied and moderately carbonated. It has a slightly resinous mouth feel and finishes with a touch of  malt sweetness and light herbal hop bitterness. 
3 star.  Good. I would drink this again if it was given to me.  The evergreen flavor of juniper comes through in Juniper IPA. However, many IPAs feature piney hop flavors. So for me, it was hard to distinguish the flavor of the juniper berries from the hops.  Regardless, this is a good IPA and a unique addition to Sam Adams’ seasonal variety pack. 

What do you think of Sam Adams Juniper IPA?  
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