Don't Overthink It, Give the Gift of Beer!

Three days 'till Christmas! Are you still shopping for a gift for the beer lover in your life? If so, don't overthink it. The answer is simple. Give the gift of beer! If you know your beer geek's favorite styles, just head to your local bottle shop and ask the beer steward to recommend some limited or special release beers. It's really that simple!
If you're not into brick and mortar shopping, or you have no clue what your beer lover likes, a beer club membership is always a great choice. I received a subscriptions to The Microbrewed Beer of Month Club and The Rare Beer Club as gifts. I love them because they allow me to try beers that are not available in my area. Also, there's nothing like getting a box of beer delivered to your doorstep!
The Rare Beer Club has the added benefit of the Personalized Shipment Program, which provides your recipient with complete control over the beers they receive. For pricing and more details, please visit the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club and The Rare Beer Club web sites. Click here to see what a shipment from The Rare Beer Club looks like. Both clubs are offering limited time holiday discounts for readers of my blog:
  • NOTSOPRO5: $5 off any membership
  • NOTSOPRO15: $10 off any prepaid membership of 6 months or longer (valid through 12/31).
  • NOTSOPRO25: $20 off any prepaid membership of 12 months or longer (valid through 12/31).
If you're interested, use these codes at checkout, save yourself some cash, and give put a smile on your beer lover's face this Christmas!
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