Crux Fermentation Project's [BANISHED] Series

Last week, I received beer mail from Crux Fermentation Project. I've received many beer packages during the last few years, but this was unique. It included a crowbar. I promptly used this tool to pry open the small wooden crate which protected its delicate cargothree 375 ml bottles:


  • FREAKCAKE [BANISHED], Oud Bruin Ale, Our node to the holidays is aged in bourbon barrels with Brett, and with figs, dates, cranberries and other dried fruits added.
  • DOUBLECROSS [BANISHED], Dark Belgian-Style Ale,  Doublecross fans want to dry its mature counterpart, aged in pinot barrels for complex flavors of dried fruit, vanilla and sherry.
  • HALF HITCH, Imperial Mosiac IPA, Flavors of guava, mango, stone fruit and lemon might unravel your idea of what an Imperial IPA should be

Freakcake and Doublecross are part of Crux's [BANISHED] Series. Here's how the brewery describes this barrel-aged series: "[BANISHED] series beers are hidden away for months in oak barrels, allowing flavors to mature, meld, and mellow. Some beers in this series also contain live yeast, making them good candidates for cellaring at home."

I love Oud Bruins, so I can't wait to crack open Freakcake. Crux provides some cellaring advice for this beer, "room temperature storage = funky, refrigerated storage = not so funky."  Storage location is an easy choice for me, since I like my brett beers funky. The harder choice is, how long can I  wait?  Whenever I do decide to drink these, I'll be sure to share my tasting notes.

Have you tasted Crux's [BANISHED] Series beers?

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