Costco Craft Beer: New Multi-Packs and Rodenbach Grand Cru

In September, I wrote about Costco’s growing craft beer selection. Although it varies by region, I thought I’d share what they’re offering in the Portland area.

Recently, I’ve noticed a growing number of 22 oz. bottle (bomber) variety-packs. This month, Costco is offering an 8-bottle variety pack from Portland Brewing Co ($19.89) and a New Belgium 6-bottle IPA variety pack ($18.99). 

However, a 750 ml bottle of Rodenbach Grand Cru priced at $7.59 caught my eye. This price is about $2 less than what a local grocery store charges for the same item. Brewed in Belgium, this Flanders Red (one of my favorite style) is a blend of young beer (33%) and older beer (67%) aged in oak vats for two years.  I previously tasted Rodenbach Classic, but not Grand Cru. I picked up a bottle and will write about it soon.  If I like it, I might just stock up...

If you’re not familiar with Rodenbach, I highly recommend you read Jeff Alworth's excellent post where he shares his brewery tour experience and explains why this is a special beer.

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