BridgePort Trilogy Series Celebrates 30 Years of Brewing In Oregon

BridgePort Brewing Co. is turning 30! To celebrate, they will release three limited edition beers in 2014 as part of the BridgePort Trilogy Series. The first installment, a dry-hopped pale ale, to be released in January will showcase the Crystal hop.

The BridgePort Trilogy Series will be released in bottles (12 oz. & 22 oz.) and draft and will be priced similarly to BridgePort's regular year-round offerings. Check out the news release below for the details.  I’ll be sure to write about the first release as soon as I get my hands on a bottle.  Congratulations to BridgePort on their 30th anniversary! 

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The “BridgePort Trilogy Series” to premiere in January
PORTLAND, Ore.—November 6, 2013—  BridgePort Brewing Company, Oregon’s oldest craft brewery, will celebrate 30 years by releasing the “BridgePort Trilogy Series,” three limited edition beers. The first two beers in the series will honor pivotal moments in BridgePort’s history by highlighting the adoption of aroma hops and the IPA movement.  In contrast, the third and final beer in the series will explore what’s still to come for craft beer in Oregon.

“It’s great to be turning 30, but it’s even more exciting to see how far the craft brewing industry has come in the last three decades,” commented brewmaster Jeff Edgerton. “Hop breeders in Oregon began developing varieties of aroma hops in the ‘60s and ‘70s that had intense and interesting qualities. The large domestic brewers weren’t interested at the time because the hops were ‘too intense’ for the products they were making. BridgePort and a handful of other craft brewers picked up on these varieties and started making flavorful, all-malt beers that had incredible taste and aroma. The rest is history.”

Given that aroma hops ignited the Oregon craft beer movement, it only made sense for the first beer in the “BridgePort Trilogy Series” to honor one of Edgerton’s favorite, the Crystal Hop, a varietal known for it’s slightly spicy and citrus notes.

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