Square Mile Cider's New 12 oz. Bottles

Back in April, Craft Brew Alliance (parent of Widmer Brothers, Kona Brewing, and Redhook) launched Square Mile Cider Co.  I attended the Square Mile launch party at Bushwhacker Cider and tried both of their offerings, The Original and Spur & Vine, for the first time. As a beer lover, I particularly enjoyed Spur & Vine because it's dry-hopped. At that time, both ciders were distributed only in 22 oz bottles at retail.

In a recent development, Square Mile announced they will release both ciders in six-packs and half-barrels.  I'm a huge fan of single-serve packaging, so I can't wait to buy myself a half-barrel! Just kidding, I'll stick to the smaller 12 oz. sizes.

The new six-packs should be making their way onto shelves soon. All the details are included in the press release below. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the samples that Square Mile kindly sent my way.

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Sept. 30, 2013 – Square Mile Cider Company today announced the launch of two new packages, including six-packs and half-barrel draught.

The addition of six-packs to Square Mile’s line of ciders – which includes The Original hard cider and the Galaxy-hopped Spur & Vine – offers cider fans an alternative to the craft cider industry-standard 22-ounce and 750-milliliter bottles.

While Square Mile will still be available in 22-ounce bottles, the introduction of six-packs opens a wider variety of occasions in which to enjoy hard cider. In addition, the ciders are now available in half-barrels, or standard-sized kegs, giving bar and restaurant owners another option to serve Square Mile’s two varieties.

“By expanding our packaging offerings, we hope to open up craft cider to an even wider audience,” said Lorin Gelfand, brand manager of Square Mile Cider Company. “Our goal is for people who might not have considered cider before, to give it a chance due to the new packages.”

Both new packages are being released with the announcement of expanded West Coast distribution for Square Mile Cider. Starting in mid-October, both varieties, and all packaging options, will now be available in select markets in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Texas, as well as in an expanded availability in Oregon, Washington, and California.

“With the popularity of cider growing, Square Mile Cider is pleased to continue pioneering the expansion of our delicious ciders to a wider audience in both distribution and package options,” said Gelfand.

The new package offerings, along with 22-ounce bottles and 1/6 BBLs, will be available in the expanded distribution areas by mid-October. To find out where Square Mile is available in your location, please visit the newly launched cider locator at www.squaremilecider.com/locate.

About Square Mile Cider Company:
Square Mile Cider Company is a new brand from Craft Brew Alliance, launched in 2013. The name was inspired by the pioneering spirit of the early settlers who traveled the Oregon Trail in search of a better future. When they arrived in Oregon in the 1850s, they were granted square mile parcels of land to cultivate their futures. It was on these square mile plots that some of the original Northwest orchards were planted, and where Square Mile Cider Company is rooted. For more information please visit www.squaremilecider.com.

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