Widmer's 9th Annual Oktoberfest

Widmer Brothers hosted their 9th Annual Oktoberfest this past weekend. I attended the festival for the first time on Saturday evening, a few hours before it closed.

The evening weather was perfect, a nice sized crowd was in attendance, and all were in great spirits! It is Oktoberfest, after all...

Widmer served up 8 beers on draft, as well as a few from their Omission gluten-free line. Normally, I tend to drink small tastes of many different beers at festivals. But at Oktoberfest in Germany, they don't do 4 oz. tasters. So going for authenticity, 16 ounce mugs of cold beer were served. I ended up drinking portions of three:

  • Okto: Full bodied, malty, and crisp, Widmer's take on the Oktoberfest style is a great beer for fall.
  • Green and Gold: This was the first time I tasted this kölsch which was brewed in honor of the Portland Timbers. I wish I tasted it sooner as it would have been on my summer beer shortlist. 
  • Brotha From Anotha Motha: This Bavarian-style hefeweizen is fermented with a yeast that imparts strong banana and clove notes not found in Widmer's flagship Hefeweizen. The first couple sips were unusual, given the strong flavors. However, after that, I settled into it and savored the beer. 
To my surprise, I liked drinking three larger beers versus the many small samples I usually taste at festivals. It allowed me to sit back and enjoy each beer over a long period of time. As an added benefit, I didn't spend much time waiting in line for refills.  

If you missed Widmer's Oktoberfest, and you're dedicated, you could fly out to Munich's Oktoberfest, which will be held September 9 thorough October 6. Otherwise, grab an Okto and mark your calendar for Widmer's 10th annual Oktoberfest!
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