Homebrewed by Design: When Brewers and Designers Collide

I expect you've never attended a beer event like this! As part of Design Week Portland, twenty Portland-area homebrewers and independent graphic designers are collaborating to create an event like no other.

Earlier this summer, I submitted an application, was selected to participate, and will brew a White Session IPA for the event. I can't wait to see my professionally designed label! 

For more details about Homebrewed by Design, check out the information below. It should be a great event!

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Homebrewed By Design
October 10th / 6pm
One Grand Gallery / 1000 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR

Homebrewed By Design is an event that pairs aspiring homebrewers with independent graphic designers in Portland. Twenty homebrewers have been tasked with making a specialty brew and twenty designers have created a label for the bottles. Rose City Label, a company that prints many labels for commercial breweries across Oregon, has graciously donated the printed labels for this event. Bottles will be on display, and opened for consumption, on Thursday, October 10th, starting at 6pm. Come taste and see all the brewer's and designer's creations! 

The first visitors in the door will receive specialty glassware, provided by Widmer Brothers Brewing. Outside the gallery space, Tanner Goods will set up their van to be a mobile beer-coaster maker!

See below for a full list of beers, brewers, designers, and sponsors.

The beers, the brewers, and the designers:
  • If It's Not Scottish It's Crap Wee Heavy / Scottish Ale
    Brewed by Duke Geren, Design by Corbin LaMont
  • Smoking Gun / Grätzer
    Brewed by Eric Sadlo, Design by Murphy Phelan
  • Summer Lovin’ / Saison
    Brewed by Ryan Spencer, Design by James Mitchell
  • Syncline / IPA
    Brewed by Will Minderhout, Design by Matt Sundstrom

  • Mix Up / Session Dark IPA
    Brewed by Scott Beck, Design by Dominic De Venuta
  • Gold Fuzz / IPA
    Brewed by Jabien Letlow, Design by Brad Simon
  • Smoked Cherry Ale / Specialty Rauch
    Brewed by Dean Reiner, Design by Craig Wheat
  • Leaky Tun CDA / Cascadian Dark Ale
    Brewed by Jason E. Barker, Design by August Miller
  • Simple People Porter / Porter
    Brewed by Tim Gazdziak, Design by Tina Snow Le

  • Bir / Belgian Pale Ale
    Brewed by Dean Ehnes, Design by Bijan Berahimi
  • Black Castle / Russian Imperial Stout
    Brewed by Dan Kimbrow, Design by Adam R. Garcia
  • Blonde on Blonde Ale / Bonde
    Brewed by Martin Peters, Design by You Are Here Portland
  • Bibliophile / Imperial IPA
    Brewed by Doug Franz, Design by Jason Sturgill
  • Portland Summer Rye / Belgian Seizoen
    Brewed by Rick Okamura, Design by Jenny Tiffany

  • Western Native / White Session IPA
    Brewed by Sanjay Reddy / Design by Matti Jonsson
  • Thai Iced Gose / Specialty Gose
    Brewed by Cory Knight, Design by Shelli Ben-ner
  • The Excommunicated Tripel / Belgian Tripel
    Brewed by Kyle Sanders, Design by Hiller Goodspeed
  • Sammy Brown's Nut Brown / Southern English Brown
    Brewed by Samantha Underwood, Design by Nicole Lavelle
  • Mosaic Pale Ale / American Pale Ale
    Brewed by Mark Easton, Design by Bologna Sandwich
  • Seeking Shade Pale Ale / Pale Ale
    Brewed by Kevin Burke, Design by Phillip Stewart

Labels provided and printed by Rose City Label:

Glassware provided by Widmer Brothers:
The event is also sponsored by the Oregon Brew Crew:


This event is part of Design Week Portland. Check out http://designweekportland.com/ for other events that are happening during the week.


  1. Really cool! I wish we could attend. Let us know how it goes and we would love to see the label as well. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Mike! I'll be sure to post pictures--including labels!

  3. Mike, you can see my label here: http://www.notsoprofessionalbeer.com/2013/10/the-amazing-labels-of-homebrewed-by.html


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